e-recruitment (e-recruiting)

E-recruitment is an umbrella term for any electronic-based recruiting and recruitment management activity.

Most HCM software vendors do not use this term to describe their products. They call their systems, broadly, recruitment software or recruiting software. The vendors have good reason to drop the e- from e-recruitment.

The origin of the term e-recruitment is similar to e-commerce. E-commerce clearly delineates online retail sales from the brick-and-mortar market. But that's not true for job advertising and recruiting because virtually all recruiting today is conducted online.

For sure, there is still paper-based, classified job advertising, as well as job ads that appear on billboards, in subways and buses, and on signs posted in store windows. But these are narrower recruitment marketing activities that often provide a website for more information about a job. For people that walk in the door seeking work, larger retailers may have kiosks for these applicants.

Online recruitment dominates this market today and all the products in the recruiting space have some role in managing, automating, tracking and analyzing candidates and job data from online sources.

E-recruiting methods

E-recruitment is an informal term that is used to broadly describe recruiting. It doesn't refer to any particular aspect of the recruiting process and can be used interchangeably with online recruiting and online recruitment.

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recruiters and hiring managers.

E-recruitment is a broad, sweeping term to introduce a discussion about recruiting systems and hiring processes. This could include recruiting management systems, social recruiting, applicant tracking systems, recruitment marketing, candidate relationship management, talent acquisition and talent management software.

E-recruitment includes technologies, such as chatbots and predictive analytics, to help identify the most qualified applicants. These systems are also being built to help root out bias, especially in job ads.

Challenges of e-recruitment

The major challenge facing HR managers today is selecting e-recruitment systems.

Recruiting is the leading HR investment category. The startup market is active and users are asked to try a wide range of technologies. The competition is intense and users are motivated to evaluate their options.

But users face big decisions. For instance, is a vendor's chatbot technology intelligent enough to keep a potential applicant engaged? Is a machine learning tool for finding passive candidates effective enough to risk the investment? The e-recruitment market is increasingly using analytics.

This market is fast-moving and bringing in large vendors with access to lots of data. Google released Hire in 2017, its recruiting platform. Facebook is expanding its job capabilities, and established job boards such as CareerBuilder and are increasing the analytics underlying their platforms.

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