ADP Mobile Solutions

ADP Mobile Solutions is a self-service mobile app that allows employees to access work records such as pay, schedules, time cards, retirement funds, benefits and calendar.

ADP Mobile Solutions allows users to view their net pay at a glance and drill deeper to view current pay details and pay statements from prior periods. The application, which can be accessed on any mobile device with a supported browser, also allows employees to check other information related to core HR including paid time off accruals, spending accounts, personal profile, job profile, company news and events. For example, users can see balances for the year to date and access an original PDF pay statement, which can be emailed when applying for credit. They can also add notes to a timecard, update profile information or search for employees in a company directory.

The application is a product of Automatic Data Processing, Inc. (ADP) and is free for human capital management (HCM) customers of the vendor. The first version was released in 2011, followed by numerous updates. The app is updated about every 30 days and has had several designs. In 2013, the vendor introduced Apple Touch ID, which allows users to log in with just their fingerprint. As of August, 2016, the vendor had 8.5 million total registered users on the ADP Mobile app including about 3 million new users added in the prior year. In any given month, there are about 3 million active users. The application was offered in 27 languages and more than 200,000 companies have the app for their employees.

ADP provides a video overview of ADP Mobile Solutions' features.

This was last updated in September 2016

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