What is HireVue?

HireVue is an enterprise video interviewing technology provider of a platform that lets recruiters and hiring managers screen candidates and conduct live interviews over the internet. Video interviewing helps companies screen candidates faster while meeting compliance regulations and reducing travel expenditures.

The company also offers human resource management software for sourcing eligible candidates for open positions and onboarding new hires. HireVue's products include game-based cognitive assessments and use artificial intelligence AI to generate assessments based on job-specific competencies.

HireVue was founded in 2004 and is headquartered in South Jordan, Utah. It offers language support in English, Spanish, Russian, Dutch, German, Japanese, Portuguese, Thai and Turkish as well as other languages.

List of various stages in the recruitment process.
HireVue can be used at different stages of the recruitment process, including interviewing, screening and onboarding.

How does HireVue work?

Screening candidates in the hiring process using HireVue requires that the candidate log in to the platform's talent interaction interface, which can be customized to match the hiring company's brand. Candidates look into a webcam as the system records their answers to preset questions. Applicants can use a desktop computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet for their interview.

Candidates are provided with practice questions before they begin the official job interview. These questions help candidates become familiar with the digital recording interview process. Once the formal interview begins, candidates are given a set amount of time (30 seconds to unlimited) for preparation before responding to a question. Responses are also time restricted. Interviews conducted using HireVue can include both video and written responses.

HireVue added AI to its video interviews in 2013, giving hiring managers the ability to narrow the prospective candidate pool based on data points from HireVue video interviews. The data points are used to predict which candidates are likely to become top performers and meet the company's business objectives.

HireVue also uses voice recognition and facial recognition software, as well as a software ranking algorithm to determine which candidates are ideal for a specific job. An ideal candidate is defined by a combination of traits including body language, tone and keywords. The interview data is compared to approximately four million video interviews of top candidates in that specific role. HireVue's intelligent assessment service analyzes up to 25,000 data points for a single video interview.

Once the candidate pool is narrowed, a recruiter reviews the candidate's answers and compares them to other candidates' answers as part of the process involved in making hiring decisions.

Benefits and challenges of HireVue

HireVue can save employers and candidates the time and resources needed for traditional in-person interviews. It also provides digital and mobile functionality that gives candidates flexibility in interviews and lets employers assess talent remotely. HireVue's AI technology can automatically identify talent and analyze important hiring metrics. Automation is an important trend in hiring and talent acquisition today.

However, HireVue comes with the same inherent challenges all AI recruitment software contain. For instance, AI can be prone to bias, potentially leading to lack of diversity in hiring and the perpetuation of a homogenous corporate culture. AI can also misunderstand applicant nuances and frustrate candidates who would rather interview with a human being.

Moreover, because AI is relatively new, organizations might not yet have safeguards in place to be compliant with data governance standards. Issues could also arise related to the scope of HireVue and other third-party vendors' access to an organization's data.

List of AI recruitment tool applications, benefits and challenges.
When recruiting talent, AI is used in various applications and comes with benefits and risks.

Who uses HireVue?

A variety of companies use HireVue, most notably in manufacturing, technology and healthcare. This includes 726 companies with worldwide annual revenue above a billion dollars, according to market research firm HG Insights. Some of the most notable companies using HireVue include the following:

  • Ampol Australia.
  • Caesars Entertainment.
  • Compass Group.
  • The Estee Lauder Companies.
  • JYSK.
  • Sherwin-Williams.

In addition to serving large multinational organizations, HireVue's tools are designed to accommodate smaller enterprises as well.

The HireVue interview

HireVue offers three types of interviews:

  • Assessment. This type integrates a screening process with a skills assessment, presenting candidates with five to eight questions allowing candidates several minutes for each response.
  • On-demand. This type provides flexibility for candidates to complete the interview at their convenience with an option to practice before recording their answers in the real interview.
  • Live interviews. This type mimics traditional face-to-face interactions, but they're conducted remotely, requiring candidates to schedule a specific time.

Each HireVue interview typically includes a variety of HireVue interview question types. Behavioral questions are most common, asking candidates to describe past experiences or how they would handle specific workplace scenarios.

How to prepare for a HireVue interview

The best way to prepare for a HireVue interview is to thoroughly research the company and the job requirements before the interview, just like a traditional interview. offers interview tips, which include ensuring the interview environment is free from distraction, has good lighting and a strong internet connection.

Job candidates can also practice with the platform's tools and sample questions ahead of the interview. In interviews that are recorded, candidates should remember to interact with the camera as if a real person were interviewing them.

HireVue pricing

Like most software as a service (SaaS) enterprise software, HireVue's pricing is complex and varies based on which products customers choose to use and the amount of hiring involved. Examples of the offerings include video interviewing alone, video interviewing with assessments, game-based assessments and CodeVue technical assessments.

HireVue has three pricing models. HireVue's Essential package is designed for companies with 2,500 to 7,500 employees; it starts at $35,000. For larger enterprises, the Enterprise package begins at $75,000 and provides more comprehensive features. There's also the Premium package, which provides a custom approach with pricing upon request.

AI is a key part of HireVue and other recruiting tools. Learn more about AI recruiting tools and software.

This was last updated in July 2024

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