HireVue is an enterprise video interviewing technology vendor that allows recruiters and hiring managers to screen candidates and conduct live interviews over the Internet. According to experts, video interviewing can help companies screen candidates faster while meeting compliance regulations and reducing travel expenditures. The company also offers human resource management (HRM) solutions for sourcing and onboarding. HireVue’s products include game-based cognitive assessments and artificial intelligence (AI) driven assessments based on job-specific competencies. HireVue was founded in 2004 and is headquartered in South Jordan, Utah.

How it works

Screening of candidates using HireVue requires that the candidate login to the HireVue talent interaction interface (which can be customized to match the hiring company’s brand). Candidates then look into a webcam as the system records their answers to pre-set questions. Applicants can be interviewed using a desktop computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet.

Candidates are provided with practice questions before they begin the official interview. These questions help candidates become familiar with the digital recording experience. Once the formal interview begins, candidates are given a set amount of time (30 seconds to unlimited) for preparation before responding to a question. Responses are also time restricted. Interviews conducted using HireVue can include both video and written responses.

HireVue added artificial intelligence to its video interviews in 2013, giving hiring managers the ability to narrow the prospective candidate pool based on data points from video interviews. The data points are used to predict which candidates are likely to become top performers and meet the company’s business objectives.

Along with voice recognition and facial recognition software, HireVue uses a software ranking algorithm to determine which candidates are ideal for a specific job. An ideal candidate is defined by a combination of traits including body language, tone, and keywords. The interview data is then compared to approximately four million video interviews of top candidates in that specific role. HireVue’s intelligent assessment service analyzes an average of 25,000 data points for a single fifteen-minute video interview.

Once the candidate pool is narrowed, a recruiter can further review the candidate’s answers, pull up recorded answers from different applicants, and compare how each answered key questions. For more information on how HireVue and other video interview software offerings are changing the hiring landscape, read the article Putting Job Seekers To The Test (

HireVue pricing

Like most SaaS enterprise software, HireVue’s pricing is complex and varies based on which products customers choose to use (video interviewing alone, video interviewing with assessments, game-based assessments, CodeVue technical assessments, etc.) and the amount of hiring involved. Industry reports suggest that HireVue pricing runs between $25 and $175 per interview.

In 2017, a Texas school district reported that it had re-contracted with HireVue for video screening services at a rate of $33,725 annually (for an unlimited number of video interviews) over a three-year period (ending in 2020). The report did not specify whether the interviews were to include AI analysis or assessments.

The school’s previous contract with HireVue defined an annual fee of $25,000 for a three-year period. Under that contract, the district was limited to a specific number of screening interviews per year. With the use of HireVue, the school system hired over 700 employees in 2016.

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