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Accelerate your move to Hybrid Cloud, with ease, via VMware Cloud on AWS

With the familiarity of a VMware environment, combined with the flexibility and reliability of Public Cloud, organisations can achieve cost simplification, scale, and assurance around security and compliance.

Driven by the need to evolve in the current economic climate, organisations recognise the role cloud computing plays in facilitating this transformation but may have concerns about the risk of having to do so quickly.

And they have reasons to be cautious. According to a Unisys study, 36% of Australian businesses say they have failed to yield significant benefits from cloud computing. In fact, Australia scored 43 on the Unisys Cloud Success Barometer, which is below the global average of 49 and fifth-lowest among 13 countries assessed in the report. The barometer is measured on a scale of 0 to 100 based on how successful cloud expectations are met in terms of business, competitive, and IT benefits.

Australian respondents believe their cloud adoption has fallen short, among others, in driving up revenue, reducing headcount, and arming them with the agility they need to meet market demand.

A common challenge businesses struggle with when deploying and managing hybrid cloud infrastructures is the inability to seamlessly migrate legacy IT and enterprise applications. In some cases, entire digital infrastructures need to be refactored and software rebuilt before anything can be moved to the cloud.

Organisations not only need the right skills to carry out the mammoth re-architecture, cloud migration exercises also can be complex, time-consuming, and can put added strain on internal resources -- something they can ill-afford, given the current business climate.

Such considerations can be major barriers to cloud adoption, particularly around the cost of down-time.

They can, however, mitigate such risks by choosing an operating environment they are already comfortable with. With VMware machines running in most on-premise infrastructures today, existing in-house skillsets as well as tools and processes can be easily transferred and applied to VMware Cloud (VMC).

Furthermore, no additional hardware or licences are required since existing VMware software licences can run VMware in the cloud. Workloads and applications also can be easily located based on business requirements that extend across both private and public clouds and on-premise environments.

More importantly, VMware Cloud's native integration with Amazon Web Services (AWS) allows businesses to run applications on the cloud without having to spend additional resources and money refactoring software codes.

This means businesses that are risk-averse and need to migrate to the cloud in a hurry, can minimise any potential risks of moving to a native cloud by choosing VMC on AWS. By operating VMC on AWS, Australian businesses can:

  • Save time and money from not having to re-train their IT staff or invest in new headcount;
  • Ensure operational consistency across hybrid and multi-cloud environments; and
  • Gain significant agility. Rackspace Technology can complete a VMC on AWS deployment in five business days, ensuring a swift transition.

Simply put, VMC on AWS offers a low-risk cloud migration strategy and a strong stepping stone to cloud, says John Welsh, Rackspace Technology’s APJ  Enterprise Architect.

Working with Rackspace Technology on their VMware Cloud migration also offers businesses a unique advantage. Welsh notes: "We are one of few VMware Cloud-approved managed service provider to offer Managed Cloud Volumes, which enable enterprises to scale their storage beyond cloud hypervisor limits and at significantly lower cloud costs of at least 30%."

Rackspace Technology also employs more than 3,000 cloud specialists and has earned over 1,000 AWS certifications.

Contact your local rep to find out more about Managed Cloud Volumes and Rackspace Technology's VMC on AWS solution.

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