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Cloud conferences to pencil in for the second half of 2018

With the popularity of hybrid and multi-cloud models, enterprises continue to seek new tools and skillsets to fold into their IT strategy. Cloud conferences, summits and events are a great way to discover the latest market trends, learn about in-demand technologies and expand your knowledge.

Here are a few cloud conferences and events, all in the second half of 2018, for IT pros to attend.

IEEE Cloud 2018

July 2-7
San Francisco

The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers will hold its International Conference on Cloud Computing. The event brings researchers and industry specialists together to discuss cloud computing best practices and advancements. IT pros can attend panel discussions and sessions that explore different cloud technologies.

HotCloud ’18

July 9

The 10th USENIX Workshop on Hot Topics in Cloud Computing, known as HotCloud, hosts IT pros, researchers and experts to explore current trends. The conference covers multiple “hot” cloud topics, including serverless, networking and security, as well as design and deployment challenges. Attendees can attend workshop programs presented by academic and industry experts.

AWS Global Summit

New York City, July 17
Chicago, August 2
Anaheim, August 23
Atlanta, September 13
Toronto, September 20

These free AWS Summits host users of different experience levels to discuss and learn about AWS features and products. These events include multiple technical break-out sessions, workshops, bootcamps, hands-on labs and team challenges. The summits will cover popular topics such as AI, machine learning and serverless computing.

Google Cloud Next ’18

July 24 – 26
San Francisco

Google’s three-day event invites IT professionals to take part in cloud computing demonstrations, sessions, breakouts, panels, bootcamps and more. Attendees can follow different session tracks, such as application development, cloud infrastructure and operations, IoT, AI and machine learning. IT pros can also take Google Cloud certification exams at the event.

VMworld 2018

August 26 -30
Las Vegas

At VMware’s biggest cloud infrastructure and technology event of the year, attendees can connect with peers, attend sessions, participate in hands-on labs and receive certifications. The Data Center and Cloud track focuses on public, private and hybrid cloud, as well as the development and management of cloud-native applications.

Hosting & Cloud Transformation Summit 2018

September 24 – 26
Las Vegas

Hosted by 451 Research, the Hosting & Cloud Transformation Summit offers various sessions presented by analysts and industry experts. Topics include multi- and hybrid cloud implementation, IoT and edge computing. Participants can network with other IT professionals, attend one-on-one analyst sessions and listen to expert panels.

Microsoft Ignite

September 24 – 28

At Microsoft’s conference, IT pros have the ability to attend over 700 deep-dive sessions and over 100 workshops to expand their knowledge and gain more insights into their relative industries. For those who want to explore Microsoft’s public cloud, pre-day workshops cover multiple Azure tools and services, as well as topics such as migrations to Azure, container technology, cloud-native app development and data science.

AWS re:Invent

November 26 – 30
Las Vegas

The 7th annual AWS re:Invent conference — the largest AWS of the year — welcomes both current uers and those new to the cloud platform. There is a wide range of breakout sessions, hands-on labs and bootcamps that cater to every experience level. Attendees can take a deep dive into available services, be the first to hear about future products and test their AWS knowledge via certification exams.

Oracle OpenWorld

October 22 – 25
San Francisco

At this year’s Oracle OpenWorld, IT pros can dive into trending technologies, like containers, machine learning and AI. There are numerous session tracks that attendees can follow such as integrated cloud platform, Oracle cloud infrastructure options and intelligent cloud applications. Alongside sessions, this cloud conference offers training sessions, case studies, hands-on labs and certifications.

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