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How Indian firms can gain better cost efficiencies from their cloud

Fluctuating costs and the lack of visibility into their cloud usage are top concerns amongst Indian organisations, but these can be easily resolved if they deploy the right cloud platform -- specifically, VMC on AWS -- that does not require complex refactoring of their workloads and, hence, will run with higher stability.

Businesses across Asia-Pacific including India are embracing cloud services to accelerate their digital transformation and gain operational efficiencies.

In fact, spending on the public cloud and related services is growing faster in the region, at 25%, than the US and Western Europe, and is expected to double by 2023, according to Boston Consulting Group. But while interest is escalating, cloud adoption in Asia-Pacific is hindered by the lack of skillsets and a proper strategy.  

The study reveals that just 20% of businesses in this region have migrated the bulk of their applications to the cloud and fewer than 25% of business applications are cloud-ready. These organisations point to skills shortage as a key barrier, with the talent gap most evident in markets such as India, Vietnam, and the Philippines.

While 55% of respondents say they are focused on reskilling employees, this can potentially slow down cloud adoption.

Organisations also can incur escalated costs if applications require complex refactoring and their IT staff lack the right knowledge to manage the new cloud environment.

Galaxy’s Senior Director for cloud practice, Purvesh Dharamshi says: "Unpredictable costs, alongside the lack of visibility into their cloud usage, are top concerns for Indian organisations, and a common mistake they make is not having a clear cloud strategy with defined milestones and timelines. This can lead to a lot of chaos in terms of cost, manageability, skills, and other operational issues.

"Most also want a quick cloud rollout that is easy to manage and a consumption-based expenditure, which pushes them towards a lift-and-shift model. However, choosing this migration approach with monolithic applications on a native cloud platform can result in further cost overruns, since these workloads inherently are not suited for cloud and may lead to unpredictable performance and costs," Dharamshi notes.

Determining the cost of migration and repatriation, where required, from cloud has been extremely difficult for organisations and one wrong move can significantly push up costs and the total cost of ownership.

To address these challenges, companies should opt for a cloud platform and technologies that they already have experience managing in their own data centres and that allow them to move applications with little or no refactoring.

This is where VMC on AWS offers a compelling choice.

Cloud familiarity breeds ease of deployment
Already a familiar technology in their on-prem environment, VMware Cloud gives Indian businesses the ability to run their workloads in AWS without costly application re-architecting or reskilling. IT staff already are experienced managing VMware platforms and can quickly get up to speed administering VMC on AWS, using the same set of VMware tools including VCenter, SRM, and vRealize.  

They also can consume native AWS services such as RDS, S3, and EFS, as well as tap VMware VDI (virtual desktop infrastructure) solutions to provide high performance and secure access for their remote workforce.

Dharamshi says: "For organisations starting their cloud journey and have experience on virtualisation, selecting a private cloud-like platform on a public cloud will make an easy transition. They also can enjoy the benefit of elasticity that cloud provides, with predictable performance in highly secured public cloud data centres."

Indian businesses can further contain their cloud costs by working with an experienced service provider such as Galaxy to manage the entire ecosystem, and establish predictable cloud costs and monthly payments.  

Recognised as a VMware Partner of the Year in India, Galaxy's HYCL0 Cloud is powered by VMC on AWS and offers an integrated solution for production, test and development. It also offers robust solution to extend your data centre to the cloud or establish a disaster recovery site powered by the cloud. 

Contact a Galaxy representative today to begin your cloud journey with VMC on AWS.


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