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Enterprise infrastructure at UPMC focuses on end-user experience

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In this "age of the consumer," the use of mobile devices and the free flow of information are key to the improvement of healthcare experiences. Patients are looking for high-quality care and better communication. Clinicians want access to technologies that allow them to deliver effective and efficient care. Hospitals hope to offer a system that satisfies all its stakeholders while ensuring compliance with security and the bottom line.

Toward that end, IT experts are deciding where and how their technology infrastructure can be upgraded. At the University of Pittsburg Medical Center (UPMC), the health system has embarked on a network virtualization project that supports data storage, establishes access to applications and creates a seamless back-end operation.

In this expert interview, Iftekhar Kazi, vice president of enterprise technology infrastructure for UPMC, discusses the evolution of that virtualization project and how he believes it will advance the efforts the health system is making to streamline technology and promote the end-user experience.

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