What do you know about continuous software development?

What's the difference between continuous development and deployment? Take the quiz to see if you can distinguish among all the continuous software processes.

Continuous is attached to an ever-increasing number of software development processes. Continuous delivery, continuous integration and continuous deployment all sound similar and are tricky to tell apart.

If your enterprise is focused on getting products out quickly, then you're likely familiar with continuous software development -- the blanket term for the previously listed practices. The goal of continuous processes is to create unbroken code at a user-friendly rate.

All continuous software development includes an emphasis on having automated testing, expediting individual software builds and providing regular feedback. Yet, it's impossible to fully understand continuous software development without seeing how its individual processes differ from one another. Besides, enacting any of those continuous practices would be unfeasible without recognizing the distinctions among them all. You and your team will get far more out of these processes by grasping where and when one takes place in the development process relative to the others.

Test how well you know the characteristics of each of these practices, as well as continuous software development as a whole. Tell us in the comments if any questions stumped you or had answers you weren't expecting.

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