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Quiz time: Test your knowledge of hybrid cloud computing trends

Do developers and IT decision-makers cite different factors for moving to -- and staying away from -- a hybrid cloud architecture? See where your opinions line up.

Historically, many companies looked to the cloud initially as a way to save money. Though that didn't always turn out to be the case, along the way, they discovered ease of development, instant scalability and the ability to deploy app updates quickly and frequently. Does that mean cutting costs is no longer the top reason? Take this hybrid cloud computing trends quiz and find out for yourself. This quiz is based on a survey of IT decision-makers that was conducted by Peak 10, a hybrid IT infrastructure provider offering colocation and managed IT services, based in Charlotte, N.C.

Remember, this is a survey of IT decision-makers, not application developers or others working in the trenches of development, testing and deployment. Does that make a difference in responses? Take the quiz and see for yourself.

Joel Shore is a news writer  for TechTarget's Business Applications and Architecture Media Group. Write to him at [email protected] or follow @JshoreTT on Twitter.

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