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Surface Laptop Go: A Cost-Effective Microsoft Device for the Hybrid Workforce

This quality laptop, designed for the age of hybrid work, provides a balance of performance, functionality, portability and style that appeals to IT teams and employees without breaking the bank.

As organizations of every stripe deal with the changes resulting from the sea change of hybrid work and the critical importance of digital systems to a positive employee experience, they are reassessing the devices they provide to workers. Employees want easy-to-use, secure, sleek and mobile devices that optimize their workday, no matter where it happens.

The Microsoft portfolio of Surface products has been lauded by customers, editors and analysts. The combination of improved management, stronger security features and better build quality makes it stand out in a market crowded with lesser devices. The introduction of Surface Laptop Go adds a lower cost option to the Surface product line, enabling companies to give a desirable Surface device to everyone. It is truly an everywhere, everyday device.

Surface Laptop Go is right for your organization if you are:

  • Moving standard desktop users to laptops to support hybrid work and other changes resulting from the pandemic
  • Replacing notebook PCs that don’t have the management or security tools the organization needs or that are poor quality and cause too many support tickets
  • Providing entry-level and back-office workers with a premium hardware experience at a more affordable price point
  • Embarking on a modernization strategy and building for business resilience and the hybrid workforce by replacing old or failing laptops

Where Laptop Go is the best fit
The Surface Laptop Go is an excellent fit for workers who have standard performance requirements and need an up-to-date device to meet the demands of modern apps, cloud connectivity, AV-reliant meeting experiences and portability with up to 13 hours of battery life. The high-end styling and design touches in Surface Laptop Go make it an outstanding choice for any organization focused on enhancing employee experience and for any worker who will regularly meet with customers or prospects after the grip of the pandemic loosens. Unlike many smaller notebooks, Surface Laptop Go doesn’t have a “squished” keyboard; Surface Laptop Go’s keyboard has the same spacing as a full-size keyboard and a full-function key row. This makes moving from an older desktop much easier and delivers a typing experience that existing laptop users are familiar with and desire.

The desktop gets a makeover
Today’s environment makes mobility a necessity, and using the Surface Laptop Go for broad deployments delivers mobility for workers that previously were stuck with desktop PCs. This device is very thin and light, coming in at less than 2.5 lb. and with roughly an 11-by-8.1-by-0.62-in. form factor.  It’s easy to carry in a backpack or bag—taking it from home to office and everywhere in between is no strain. It’s also an excellent option for teachers, educators and students. Paired with an accessory like Surface Dock, Surface Laptop Go can be converted into a full desktop setup for use in a primary .

Take the hard work out of hardware management: Ease of deployment and ongoing management and security
The pivot to remote work has put legacy device deployment, management and security practices in the spotlight. Many organizations have discovered that existing, on-premises approaches don’t cut it in a remote environment. Surface devices, including Laptop Go, are a significant step forward. Improved biometric security makes device access more secure and lets users get to work faster.

IT teams will appreciate the ability to deploy and manage this device via the cloud. Using Microsoft InTune and Windows Autopilot makes it simpler to deploy and manage. Low-touch deployment and ongoing management lets IT teams ship devices directly to the employee and use the cloud to personalize the device and make it user-ready in minutes.

The facts behind this are compelling: Forrester research shows a 75% reduction in help desk call times on Microsoft 365-powered Surface device deployments. IT saves four hours provisioning and deploying Surface devices, thanks to Microsoft Autopilot and Microsoft Endpoint Manager.

Key features and capabilities
Surface Laptop Go delivers impressive capabilities even though it is the entry-level product in the broad Surface portfolio. A number of features separate it from competing products and make it more desirable than alternatives. Those include:

  • Unique screen capabilities: The unique 12.4-in. touch screen with a 3:2 aspect ratio provides a taller display, which means more rows of data or lines of text can be displayed without scrolling. The screen also has enough brightness to be easily seen in a sunlit room. CNET noted that the screen feels quite “roomy” and that, coupled with a 10-point touch screen, it provides an excellent user experience. Pairing it with Surface Dock makes transitioning to a desktop setup easy and quick.
  • Power and battery management: Using the latest Intel technology, Surface Laptop Go provides up to 13 hours of battery life, enabling most workers to get through an entire day without plugging in. And the instant-on feature eliminates wait time.
  • Compelling AV features: The focus on collaboration using more immersive communications requires devices that have excellent microphones, speakers, sharp displays and an overall ability to optimize collaborative experiences. Laptop Go provides all this and more for an excellent user experience.
  • Full-stack security: IT can effectively manage and protect data with BitLocker technology and firmware Trusted Platform Module (TPM) chips. Biometric sign-on using a fingerprint reader and Windows Hello provides more access protection than simple password sign-on. Lost and stolen devices can be quickly wiped remotely when used with Microsoft endpoint management tools. Every component—from the hardware and firmware (UEFI) to the operating system and cloud management tools—is built and maintained by Microsoft. The result is a multilayered, end-to-end approach to security across the entire Surface portfolio.
  • World-class fit and finish: Although Surface Laptop Go is an entry-level device that is competitively priced, it looks and feels like a much more expensive product. The physical appearance delivers the same high standards of other Surface products.

This all adds up to an excellent choice for many organizations and their users. Surface Laptop Go is an attractive device that will give employees and workers who depend on standard applications what they need in an enterprise-grade laptop that’s light and portable. It is also a great device for replacing older PCs and delivering a better employee experience. IT teams will appreciate the improved security and greatly improved management capabilities.

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