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Epic Announces Ambient Clinical Documentation EHR Integration

The ambient clinical documentation EHR integration is set to enhance Epic workflows by automatically drafting EHR notes.

Epic has expanded its partnership with Nuance Communications, a Microsoft company, through an ambient clinical documentation EHR integration.

Nuance's Dragon Ambient eXperience Express (DAX Express) tool combines conversational and ambient AI with OpenAI's newest model, ChatGPT-4, in the Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service.

DAX Express for Epic will allow end-users to draft EHR notes automatically from the exam room or through a telehealth encounter for immediate review and completion after each visit.

"DAX Express for Epic will spark a transformational shift in how we all approach healthcare," Josh Wilda, chief digital and information officer at the University of Michigan Health-West, said in a press release.

"We've already seen first-hand how ambient AI from Nuance has transformed the provider-patient experience using the DAX ambient solution, but now with the augmentation of generative AI, we're going to give our providers more options to use technology in a way that delivers even greater outcomes to them and their patients," Wilda added.

Clinicians who use DAX have reported that the tool has helped them achieve a better work-life balance and reduce feelings of burnout. Clinicians report saving seven minutes per encounter, allowing them to add five additional appointments on average per clinic day.

"Game-changer is one of the most frequent terms given by our physicians as they describe their impressions of DAX, and we foresee that integrations planned for DAX Express for Epic will take that up a notch," said Hal Baker, MD, chief digital and information officer at WellSpan Health.

"The ability to turn around notes in seconds rather than hours offsets one of the few tradeoffs of DAX," Baker added. "This collaboration will allow our physicians to focus more completely on the care and treatment of their patients while the AI works behind the scenes to document the encounter, allowing people and technology to each do what they do best without delays."

DAX Express for Epic is included for users of DAX. Dragon Medical One customers can purchase DAX Express for Epic as an add-on.

DAX Express is HIPAA-compliant and developed with an approach to help create AI products that are trustworthy and safe, officials noted.

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