Northwell Health Selects Epic Systems for EHR Implementation

The Epic Systems EHR implementation aims to unify Northwell Health patient records across all venues, streamlining care coordination for patients and providers.

Northwell Health has joined the growing number of healthcare organizations starting an EHR implementation with the Epic Systems EHR platform. The health system says this will help integrate all its medical information into one unified system for better care coordination.

This investment into Epic Systems aims to transform patient care and revenue cycle management across Northwell Health, New York’s largest health system, with nearly 21 hospitals and 900 outpatient facilities.

Primarily, the health system aims to provide one patient record across ambulatory, emergency, inpatient, and post-acute care units to improve clinical continuity and care coordination. By creating a unified platform, the organization will also allow streamlined information access for both patients and providers, resulting in a more integrated healthcare experience.

“Implementing Epic at Northwell will require a multi-year effort re-visioning the consumer experience, clinical workflow, and standards followed by configuration and ultimately activation,” Joseph Moscola, PA, executive vice president of Enterprise Services at Northwell, said in a press release “We are at the start of an exciting digital transformation journey, which includes utilizing Google Cloud to discover data insights and refining our customer relationship management to create personalized experiences.”

Through the EHR implementation, Northwell Health also aims to reduce the administrative and cognitive burden for clinical and revenue cycle staff.

Finally, Northwell aims to eliminate workflow redundancies and the need for workarounds by leveraging the capabilities of the Epic platform. This will improve efficiency, reduce errors, and enhance the overall quality of patient care, the organization stated.

This next-generation EHR implementation is part of Northwell Health’s ongoing digital transformation. The large healthcare system expects to roll out the new EHR in phases, with initial deployment planned for 2025.

Sleep Disorder Clinic Moves Forwards with eClinicalWorks EHR

Sleep Matters, a specialized sleep disorder clinic, announced an eClinicalWorks EHR implementation as part of ongoing efforts to enhance the overall patient experience and streamline clinical operations.

“We are excited to partner with eClinicalWorks and healow to create a patient-centered approach to sleep disorder treatment," Puja Sethi, MD, founder of Sleep Matters LTD, said in a press release. "By combining our clinical expertise with eClinicalWorks' innovative technology, we can provide our patients with a more personalized and effective approach to their care."

eClinicalWorks aims to help clinicians with managing practice operations and patient engagement.

Specifically, eClinicalWorks will offer the sleep disorder clinic various tools to accelerate daily documentation, improve understanding of emerging healthcare challenges, enhance patient engagement, relieve some of the burdens on providers, and reduce costs per claim for the practice.

Additionally, Sleep Matters LTD. will leverage eClinicalWorks Healow's patient engagement software to provide real-time access patient data access while allowing direct patient-prover communication via portal messaging. These features target patient empowerment, enabling individuals to take a more active role in their care and improve their overall health outcomes.

Holistic Healing Practice Goes Live With eClinicalWorks EHR 

New Mexico-based holistic healing practice Satori Healing is launching an eClincalWorks EHR implementation to improve patient satisfaction with the available EHR functionality choices.

Satori Healing intends to enhance the overall patient experience with tools such as the patient portal.

Satori Healing was also drawn to the eClinicalWorks EHR due to its RCM service that offers billing and claims management solutions, as well as access to financial information. The partnership aims to enhance the financial performance of the practice, increase its collection rate, and simplify data analysis through real-time dashboards.

“We want the best end-user experience for our patients,” said Tracy Martin, PA and co-owner of Satori Healing, LLC. “We are looking forward to achieving higher patient satisfaction through online scheduling and the Patient Portal, while reducing administrative burnout and costs for back-office staff. In addition, the eClinicalWorks RCM service model provides us with visibility dashboards to monitor our practice performance and a preventative approach to management of denials and rejections.”

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