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Health care social media needs rules, says mHealth Summit 2012 expert

As mobile devices and the use of mHealth increases, so too does the use of health care social media. Today's medical students and young physicians have grown up in the Facebook and Twitter world, and they expect to carry the use of social media into their medical practices. Patients as well have turned to their peers to share medical information and learn more about their conditions and treatments.

For it's crucial that health organizations jump on the social media bandwagon with thoughtful, meaningful policies that protect private health information while satisfying the expectations of both patients and providers, according to Joe Kim, president of MCM Education. Speaking before an audience during a SearchHealthIT panel at the mHealth Summit 2012, Kim discussed the importance of HIPAA protections and bring-your-own-device policies. Listen to his ideas in this webcast, the final of a three-part series.

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