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April 2016

Secure testing: Making software safe

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Software technology has impacted nearly everyone everywhere with the intention of improving lifestyles. However, when crucial security steps aren't being met, these technologies can take a catastrophic turn. To avoid hacking and other security missteps, it's essential to plan early and carefully.

This handbook looks at various secure testing strategies to ensure software safety now. In the first article, Gerie Owen covers the basic security measures to avoid getting hacked and advocates the importance of thinking like a hacker. In part two, Valerie Silverthorne views security from an Agile development perspective and examines how to reduce software vulnerabilities. Finally, Amy Reichert-Browerstock closes out the handbook with website penetration testing techniques for a regular testing cycle and how to check for security defects at the start of a test cycle. Guarantee protected software with these security actions.

About The Author

Gerie Owen - Senior Test Manager

Gerie Owen specializes in test-driven development.Read More

Table Of Contents

  • Fend off attacks with security testing basics
  • Make agile security quick and easy
  • Steps for accurate website penetration testing

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