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Application performance monitoring tools and metrics quiz

Sharpen your pencil; it's APM quiz time. Test your knowledge of application performance monitoring and management, including tools, systems, concepts and best practices.

Application performance monitoring provides a window for IT professionals to evaluate software performance. Without APM tools and systems, an IT organization would not know how well software performs or whether users even like it.

APM can refer to either application performance monitoring or application performance management, two interrelated, yet multifaceted terms. Both types of APM are essential aspects of ongoing software quality efforts. Good APM depends on a keen understanding of best practices and techniques.

In this application performance monitoring quiz, test your knowledge of tools, systems and more. This exam delves into APM's relationship to software performance, DevOps and user experience (UX) concepts. It also covers the metrics and KPIs, processes and setups central to effective APM. And lastly this quiz explains what APM is not.

Be sure to see how you did and review the correct answers, as well as the additional information about each question's concepts.

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