TechTarget News - Week of Mar 27, 2011

HDS, NetApp and EMC all agree on big data

HDS, EMC and NetApp have all picked up on the same ‘Big Data” theme in recent blogs, but is NetApp struggling to ship enough FAS 3200 units to meet demand?

Storage is key to getting the most from virtualisation

A Forrester survey shows that the benefits of server virtualisation aren’t fully realised unless the proper storage technology is in place; plus more news in brief.

European Commission clears Atos bid for Siemens IT

The European Commission has cleared the proposed €850m acquisition of Siemens' IT Solutions and Service (SIS) by French IT service provider Atos Origin.

ITC agrees to review patent ruling against Eastman Kodak

The International Trade Commission (ITC) has announced that it will review an earlier ruling in a patent dispute between Kodak Eastman and mobile handset makers Apple and Research in Motion (RIM).

MoJ signs £22m shared services deal with Accenture

The Ministry of Justice (MoJ) has signed a £22m contract with Accenture to implement shared services across its human resources, payroll, finance and procurement operations for the next five years.

Spotify hit by malicious ads

Spotify, the popular streaming music service, has been displaying malicious advertisements to users of its Free version.

Open Group launches guide to boost ISO 27005 efforts

A new guide from the Open Group is designed to help organisations meet ISO 27005 standards, but some risk management professionals feel it may not be so effective.

Marks & Spencer extends Cognizant outsourcing deal

UK retailer Marks & Spencer (M&S) has expanded its outsourcing relationship with offshore IT service provider Cognizant, which extends a deal signed in 2009.

Obey Microsoft licensing rules and run IE6 on Windows 7

It's still illegal to use application virtualization to run Internet Explorer 6 apps on Windows 7. But new software skirts Microsoft's rules and runs IE6 apps in IE8 browsers.

Two-factor authentication alternatives

Worried by the breach at RSA? Here are some two-factor authentication alternatives to consider.

All for one fibre, one fibre for all, says ECTA

Countries should separate the provision of new fibre networks from their operation, executives from telcos struggling to enter new national markets told the European Commission and major banks on Tuesday.

Troops in danger as outdated systems at the MoD reach meltdown

Outdated IT systems at the The Ministry of Defence (MoD) are reaching meltdown, with the risk of seriously affecting troops' ability to carry out operations, a National Audit Office report has found.

SMB IT spending seeing significant growth

Small and medium businesses (SMBs) are increasing IT budgets and recruiting more IT skills

Cloud computing brokers are doomed, Savvis exec says

The chief at cloud hoster Savvis says cloud computing marketplaces won't fly in big IT shops. Not everyone, however, agrees; the answer is naturally more nuanced.

CSC to acquire troubled NHS supplier iSoft

IT services giant CSC has agreed to acquire troubled healthcare software firm iSoft after the latter suspended shares and put itself up for sale last week.

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