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Test your IQ on microservices principles and strategies

Think you have a good handle on microservices and how to properly introduce them to your organization? Take a shot at this quiz to find out for yourself.

The promised benefits of distributed computing through a microservices architecture, including more rapid development and better performance scaling, certainly make it attractive for organizations pursuing digital transformation. However, the implementation of microservices is not a task to take lightly. It's critical to consider where and how you deploy microservices and how they will affect your software architecture. This is where a strong understanding of microservices principles comes into play.

This quiz covers some of the biggest challenges of microservices implementation and critical points to consider once you have introduced a microservices architecture. Take the quiz, and put your understanding of microservices principles to the test.

Don't forget that you can study our DevOps tutorial on microservices implementation to find the answers to these questions and learn more about microservices principles and architecture design strategies.

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