E-Handbook: How to meet the challenge of cloud regulatory compliance Article 1 of 4

To make multi-cloud work, raise your compliance game

The multi-cloud model provides flexibility and choices that a single cloud does not, and an organization can find compelling business value in going this route. The multi-cloud path, though, raises management complexity on many fronts, including cloud regulatory compliance.

A 2019 survey of cybersecurity professionals by Cybersecurity Insiders found that 93% of organizations are moderately to extremely concerned about cloud security. Interestingly, respondents to that survey listed compliance as the biggest operational struggle for security ops teams, just ahead of a lack of visibility into cloud infrastructure.

These worries point to a gap between the best intentions and the hard realities of cloud regulatory compliance. This handbook provides advice on how to narrow that divide.

Cloud expert Tom Nolle offers guidance through the compliance complications, especially as it relates to multi-cloud deployments. He details sensible strategies to properly conduct monitoring and harmonize compliance tasks across clouds. While it's not easy, cloud regulatory compliance can be achieved.

Also included here are tips on how organizations can train staff to better safeguard data in the cloud and how Amazon cloud users can put AWS Lambda to work on compliance issues, ranging from payment processing to patient privacy.