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Learn the benefits and limits of a public cloud migration

Despite the popularity and appeal of cloud computing, the majority of enterprise workloads remain on premises. In this video, we go deeper into why enterprises should consider a public cloud migration.

Enterprises move to the public cloud for many reasons, including the potential to:

  • save money;
  • perform less maintenance;
  • improve redundancy with higher availability;
  • gain greater application performance; and
  • build more types of workloads.

Still, a public cloud migration shouldn't be taken lightly, since not all applications will reap enough benefits to make it worth the effort. Some workloads aren't ready for the public cloud and need to undergo changes, such as refactoring or re-architecting. Other workloads, such as mission-critical applications, often demand a level of control and security that only a local data center can provide.

For enterprises considering a public cloud migration, be sure to finalize your goals and assess which workloads will benefit from a move off premises.

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