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Care Org Targets Enhanced Patient Care with Oracle EHR Implementation

An Oracle EHR implementation is set to streamline integration between physical and behavioral healthcare, paving the way for better patient care decisions.

Universal Health Services plans to implement Oracle Health's EHR within its behavioral health facilities, enhancing patient care across its network, the organization announced.

UHS acute care hospitals have used Oracle Health's technology for a decade. With this expansion, the organization now has access to a single, unified EHR in acute and behavioral health facilities across the United States to better inform care decisions and help improve patient safety practices.

With more than 200 behavioral health facilities across the United States, UHS behavioral health providers offer inpatient, outpatient, and residential treatment for children, adolescents, adults, and the elderly.

In the current year, five facilities have already gone live with the EHR and the rollout will persist across other UHS behavioral health facilities over the upcoming years.

The integration of Oracle Health's EHR in both acute and behavioral health facilities is set to significantly enhance UHS's healthcare delivery. It will allow care teams to share vital information more conveniently and securely, fostering a more collaborative approach to treatment.

"With our focus on patient safety and providing superior care, access to more complete and accurate health information across the care continuum will better inform care decisions, enhance health outcomes, improve medical behavioral integration, and ultimately support value-based care," said Matt Peterson, president of Behavioral Health Division UHS.

"There is a historical lack of health record digitization in the behavioral health sector. We are leading the charge in modernizing our technology and this is an exciting horizon as we further pursue total patient care. We’re also seeing a rapidly growing number of patients seeking behavioral care, with many in severe situations and needing high acuity care. Teaming with technology leaders like Oracle Health helps us innovate so we can meet patients where they are and expand services to areas that are currently underserved."

Additionally, UHS patients will gain health records, both behavioral and physical history, that can move with them from one care setting.

During the initial deployment, UHS further tailored Oracle's behavioral health-specific EHR content and functionalities. This customization was aimed at giving clinicians a holistic view of patient records, thus improving care decision-making processes and enhancing patient safety protocols.


Rural Parish Clinic, a 32-provider mobile dental and medical service, successfully transitioned from its legacy system to eClinicalWorks. By unifying dental and medical systems, the clinic aims to enhance patient care through quicker treatment times, tailored care plans, and precise diagnoses.

"Before transitioning to eClinicalWorks, we were on two different systems for dental and medical, which was incredibly challenging operationally. Unlike other systems, eClinicalWorks was willing to work with us on pricing, as we are a nonprofit, and provide a unified solution," said Katherine Leverich, dental clinical administrator of Rural Parish Clinic.

"We are proud to offer life-changing and comprehensive services to our local rural communities, and partnering with eClinicalWorks will help us achieve our goals."

By adopting eClinicalWorks' cloud-based Electronic Dental Record (EDR), Rural Parish Clinic has managed to streamline its daily operations and enhance workflow efficiency.

This system, which employs interoperability networks, consolidates the clinic's formerly divided medical and dental records into one comprehensive solution.

This shift from disjointed legacy systems to a single, unified platform allows Rural Parish Clinic's staff to concentrate on delivering top-tier patient care rather than juggling patient data across various platforms, the press release stated.

"Werre proud to partner with Rural Parish Clinic and support the critical work they do to support uninsured patients in rural communities throughout St. Louis, Missouri," said Girish Navani, CEO and co-founder of eClinicalWorks. "Our goal is to ensure providers and volunteers at Rural Parish Clinic are equipped with the innovative technological tools and unified solutions needed to provide comprehensive dental and medical care to their patients."


The Pediatric Cardiology Center of Oregon, a comprehensive pediatric cardiology group opted for eClinicalWorks ;to leverage PRISMA's capabilities.

According to eClinicalWorks, PRISMA offers efficient and user-friendly search tools, facilitating the daily exchange of over 4 million patient records by eClinicalWorks providers."

"With PRISMA, we can access and search relevant patient data from multiple sources, making it easier to provide comprehensive care to our patients. We can easily gather records from Legacy Emanuel Medical Center and Randall Children’s Hospital, which both use Epic's EHR," said Peter Chang, MD, president of the Pediatric Cardiology Center of Oregon. "PRISMA's intelligent search features account for abbreviations and terminology, so our providers can find exactly what they are looking for in seconds. PRISMA also displays patient charts, notes, and results in a side-by-side view, which is easier for our staff to click through and view."

Firstly, the EHR will allow the center to seamlessly interact with EHR involved in the CommonWell and Carequality network. This has eliminated the need for complex IT system integrations within the hospital, paving the way for streamlined access to any patient record.

PRISMA also aims to enhance data organization, aggregating patient information from insurance payers and wearable devices into searchable tables or grids. This aids healthcare providers in making more precise decisions and provides a holistic view of patient health.

Moreover, PRISMA's advanced search insights empower the center to optimize value-based care, ensuring better healthcare outcomes. This integration marks a significant step forward in modernizing healthcare delivery at the Pediatric Cardiology Center of Oregon.

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