Provider Orgs Deploy eClinicalWorks EHR Systems for Care Coordination

A Washington-based pain management clinic has implemented an eClinicalWorks EHR to drive efficiency and care coordination.

Life is a Journey, a behavioral health practice outside of Dallas, Texas, has selected eClinicalWorks EHR to improve care coordination. 

The EHR vendor's behavioral health module includes progress note templates, treatment plans, and outcome measures specifically developed for the behavioral health specialty.

"We are excited to implement eClinicalWorks' behavioral health module," Brandee Brown, owner of Life is a Journey, said in a press release. "With features built into the module, our providers can complete documentation, set reminders, issue referrals, set up automated reviews, and take advantage of educational content."

The practice will have access to various solutions, including a time-capture feature in Discharge, Assessment, and Plan (DAP) notes with a flexible billing setup. The module also supports third-party screening forms, including custom, state-specific, and clinic-specific questionnaires, to support patient data tracking.

Additionally, to ensure patient privacy, the module allows for confidential documentation of notes made visible only to providers and supervisors.

Nevada Practice Supports Practice Growth Through EHR Implementation

Carson Medical Group, a 50-provider practice in Nevada, recently went live on the eClinicalWorks Cloud EHR to drive patient engagement.

Carson Medical Group has utilized eClinicalWorks since 2007. By moving to the eClinicalWorks Cloud EHR and healow patient engagement solutions, Carson Medical Group aims to support practice growth.

The implementation provides quick access to patient data and streamlined documentation, helping Carson Medical Group enhance operations across OB/GYN, pediatrics, and family medicine through simplified clinical workflows.

"Transitioning the eClinicalWorks Cloud EHR is great for our entire office," Marie Sanders, quality and resource director at Carson Medical Group, said in a public statement. "The solution helps reduce our employees' downtime and adds efficiency to our growing operations across Nevada."

Sanders noted that the eClinicalMessenger feature has helped the organization manage patient communications across multiple care specialties through important reminders, campaigns, and post-visit surveys.  

Pain Management Clinic Taps eCW System to Enhance CDS

Northwest Pain Care has implemented an EHR from eClinicalWorks to support care coordination, improve efficiency, and lower patient wait times.

Through the deployment, the Washington-based pain management clinic has access to the EHR vendor's health information search tool, PRISMA.

The tool's one-patient, one-record approach aggregates medical information from specialties, urgent care facilities, hospitals, and primary care providers for clinical decision support.

"With PRISMA, we can now access patient data at the point of care," Hilary Severn, practice manager of Northwest Pain Care, noted in a press release. "PRISMA gives our providers a deeper understanding of our patient's medical histories, which will help our practice continue to provide effective acute and chronic pain management."

"The intelligent search features account for abbreviations and terminology, making it easier for our staff to find information in seconds," Severn added. "We can now access records seamlessly from hospitals nationwide, including Providence Holy Family, Providence Sacred Heart, Multicare Deaconess, and Kootenai Outpatient Surgery and Medical Center, which are all on Epic."

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