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Health IT Vendor Announces MEDITECH Expanse EHR Integration

The health IT vendor partnership extends Luma Health’s patient success platform to MEDITECH Expanse EHR customers, including patient scheduling workflows.

Health IT vendor Luma Health has announced the integration of its Patient Success platform with the MEDITECH Expanse EHR.

As an initial member of the MEDITECH Alliance program, Luma Health collaborated with the EHR vendor to validate the integration of its Patient Success Platform and MEDITECH-enabled workflows, including patient scheduling, conversational messages, operational and clinical forms, and staff scheduling.

“Our collaboration with the MEDITECH team showcases the power of partnering at both a technical and commercial level,” Aditya Bansod, Luma Health co-founder and CTO, said in a public statement. “Our respective teams benefited from each other’s insights to break technical ground and harness the latest standards to simplify and improve the lives of healthcare providers and patients alike.”

“We’re excited to bring MEDITECH users breakthrough new capabilities using MEDITECH’s standards-based, FHIR-based scheduling APIs,” Bansod added.

Expanse APIs send appointment, demographic, and schedule data from MEDITECH’s scheduling module to Luma. Then, a rules-based system sends patients text, email, and voice reminders regularly.

Once a patient confirms an appointment through a Luma communication, the information is sent back to the Expanse EHR, changing the appointment status to confirmed or canceled.

Patients can also self-schedule appointments through Luma that immediately synch to MEDITECH’s scheduling module via Expanse APIs.

MEDITECH invited Luma to participate in its Greenfield Workspace to provide developers access to its proprietary APIs. The MEDITECH Greenfield Workspace provides a collaborative environment for third-party developers and Expanse customers to test solutions within a real MEDITECH EHR.

At Phelps Memorial Health Center in Nebraska, the MEDITECH Greenfield Workspace allowed Luma to set up and fine-tune its software before adding it to Phelps Memorial’s EHR.

Since adding Luma to their Expanse EHR, Phelps Memorial nurses have experienced a significant reduction in the time spent contacting patients about appointments and test results.

“We look forward to customers realizing the benefits of an improved patient experience and better health outcomes through the use of Luma’s Patient Success Platform,” said Jeffrey Kimball, MEDITECH associate vice president.

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