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MEDITECH Enhances Telehealth through EHR Integration with Doximity

The MEDITECH EHR integration with Doximity Dialer will allow healthcare providers access to telehealth capabilities directly from MEDITECH's Expanse Now.

MEDITECH has introduced a new EHR integration, focusing on simplifying provider communication and granting direct access to telehealth services from MEDITECH's physician-facing native app, Expanse Now.

As part of this integration, MEDITECH has partnered with Doximity. Notably, Doximity, a digital platform provider, has been recognized as the 'Best in KLAS' Telehealth for its video conferencing platform for both 2022 and 2023.

"We are excited to collaborate with Doximity to enhance our telehealth capabilities for our customers," said Rebecca Lancaster, Director of Product Management and Strategy at MEDITECH. "The integration of Doximity Dialer with MEDITECH Expanse Now will help reduce friction for our users and ultimately increase efficiency in care coordination. We believe this integration will ultimately allow busy medical professionals to provide better, more timely care for their patients."

The integration of MEDITECH and Doximity's telehealth solution adheres to HIPAA-compliant standards amid growing concerns regarding mHealth apps, Doximity stated.

Besides enhancing patient privacy safeguards, the integration also aims to enhance convenience, communication, and patient engagement in healthcare settings.

“Dialer’s integration with MEDITECH Expanse Now simplifies clinical workflow and streamlines communications between medical professionals and their patients,” said Jeff Tangney, co-founder and CEO of Doximity.

Doximity Dialer offers a range of features, including one-click voice and video visits, customizable caller IDs, device and language optimization, and what the vendor says is a seamless transition between voice and video calls.

Upon completion of the integration, healthcare providers will be able to access patient records and engage in virtual communication with patients, all from a single screen.

Hospitals and health systems have leveraged Doximity Dialer to reduce no-show rates and patient pick-up rates within local communities, the press release stated.

Alongside its partnership with Doximity, MEDITECH has been actively pursuing collaborations with other health IT companies.

Just days before this announcement, Luma Health made headlines with its MEDITECH EHR integration of the Patient Success platform.

APIs send appointment, demographic, and schedule data from MEDITECH’s scheduling module to Luma. Then, a rules-based system sends patients text, email, and voice reminders regularly.

Once a patient confirms an appointment through a Luma communication, the information is sent back to the Expanse EHR, changing the appointment status to confirmed or canceled.

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