Provider Orgs Move Ahead with MEDITECH, eCW EHR Implementations

Three provider organizations have tapped MEDITECH and eClinicalWorks for EHR implementations aimed at improving patient engagement, reducing IT costs, and bettering care quality.

Princeton Brain, Spine & Sports Medicine (PBSSM) has chosen to pursue an EHR implementation transitioning from its in-house EHR system to a cloud-based version of eClinicalWorks.

The 27-provider practice across New Jersey and Pennsylvania will continue its journey with the eClinicalWorks, just transitioning to the cloud-based software.

The shift to cloud infrastructure is anticipated to cut added expenses linked to manual upgrades, database backups, and MySQL server maintenance, the organization affirmed.

“We were hesitant to move to the eClinicalWorks Cloud because of the differences between the cloud and server versions,” Lyndsey Gill, executive director at Princeton Brain, Spine & Sports Medicine, said in the press release. “Change is not always easy, especially when it’s your EHR, the backbone of our practice. However, it was one of the best decisions we ever made.”

“Moving to the eClinicalWorks Cloud reduced costs and required maintenance time while providing us access to our records anywhere at any time.”

Pediatric Clinic Targets Patient Experience in eClinicalWorks EHR Implementation

Garden City Pediatrics in Massachusetts announced an eClinicalWorks EHR implementation to boost patient experience and satisfaction.

The streamlined processes will benefit both front and back-office staff.

Moreover, through this implementation, the pediatric clinic will now utilize a range of patient engagement tools provided by healow.

The platform will feature Healow CHECK-IN, enabling patients with upcoming appointments to check in from home, thus expediting the process and reducing administrative burdens.

The patient portal will enable online appointment booking, medication tracking, and allow patient-provider communication. Patients will gain easy access to their health records, summaries of visits, and lab results. Additionally, the practice will utilize eCW’s Messenger for sending health reminders and PRISMA, a search engine, to simplify patient information retrieval from various clinics and hospitals.

“We were looking to improve our operational efficiency and leverage data to benefit our patients and our providers. We’ve used a few other EHR systems in the past, but they weren’t the best fit for our organization,” said Steve Brickman, practice manager of Garden City Pediatric Associates.

“Our providers and staff are particularly excited to utilize PRISMA to access patient data with a simple search. PRISMA’s search features account for abbreviations and terminology, making it easy for our providers and staff to find exactly what they’re looking for within seconds.”

Box Butte General Hospital Announces EHR Implementation Update

Box Butte General Hospital in Nebraska has marked the beginning of its MEDITECH EHR implementation, with the system going live on May 1.

Chief Operations Officer, Jim Bargen, reported on the ongoing efforts of the transition in a recent Board of Trustees meeting. Bargen highlighted that teams are now focusing on pre-registering patients during the critical first week of post-implementation to minimize wait times and enhance patient experiences.

This transition to MEDITECH, which started in March 2022, has been a long-anticipated move designed to improve provider access to patient information.

From September 20 to 22, the MEDITECH and BBGH MEDITECH project teams conducted a mock live event. EHR specialists came on campus to work with BBGH superusers. EHR specialists visited the BBGH campus to collaborate with designated 'superusers'—team members recognized for their expertise in EHR. These superusers are primed to be the go-to individuals for their teams, tasked with training others to navigate and understand the new EHR platform effectively.

The project team also tested various patient scenarios using old records from the hospital's current Centriq system, running these scenarios through the new MEDITECH Expanse platform to ensure a smooth transition.

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