Nashville Hospital Swaps Multiple EHR Systems for Oracle Community Works

Nashville General Hospital will switch out multi-EHR systems moving forward with Oracle Cerner CommunityWorks for a single EHR.

Nashville General Hospital has announced that it will now use CommunityWorks to meet its clinical, financial, and operational goals.

The Oracle Cerner will replace Nashville General Hospital’s former disparate EHR system.

Once this EHR is in place, medical professionals can seamlessly access patient records from the 150-bed hospital and over 20 outpatient locations throughout the county.

Small community healthcare providers frequently grapple with delivering top-tier care amidst challenges like geographic constraints, limited workforce, technological disparities, and dwindling resources.

“We are so pleased to work with Oracle Health on this very important project,” said Joseph Webb, DSc, FACHE, chief executive officer of Nashville General Hospital. “This collaboration will not only enhance patient care but also reduce health inequities in our community, improve the caregiver experience and increase profitability for the hospital.” 

By adopting Oracle Cerner, the hospital aims to offer a unified user experience that caters specifically to the nuances of smaller hospital operations.

This integrated system facilitates better information sharing across healthcare facilities, ensuring hospitals remain closely connected with their patients, thereby elevating the care standard.

Currently, CommunityWorks is aiding over 300 hospitals in 46 states, highlighting its widespread adoption and trust in the healthcare community.

Ophthalmology Clinic Successfully Transition to eClinicalWorks EHR

Virginia Eye Institute (VEI), an ophthalmology clinic based in Virginia, has successfully transitioned to eClinicalWorks for its EHR needs, fully integrating eClinicalWorks Vision Solutions into its operations.

Benefitting from eClinicalWorks and its healow solution, VEI aims to now better manage prescriptions, efficiently track inventory, and tap into specialized modules within the EHR system.

With eight distinct locations and seven storefronts spread across central Virginia, VEI is at the forefront of ophthalmologic care, VEI leaders stated.

Following the transition, the provider has experienced a significant reduction in administrative tasks and boasts an enhanced insight into daily patient care.

The integration of eClinicalWorks Vision Solutions equips VEI with tailored documentation tools that cater to vision exams and the generation of prescriptions. They also have immediate access to a vast database of frames, lenses, and other vision-centric products from renowned sources like Frames Data® and VisionWeb®.

Moreover, patients of VEI now enjoy a refined experience that covers all stages: from their initial evaluation, through prescription management, frame selection, all the way to payment and subsequent notifications.

Rounding off their comprehensive service suite, VEI has automated campaigns in place, ensuring that patients are timely reminded of their annual exams and crucial glaucoma screenings.

Conway Obstetrics and Gynecology Center Integrates eClinicalWork EHR

One of the oldest OB-GYN practices in Conway, PA has tapped eClinicalWorks EHR in its most recent EHR replacement.

“We were in search of a solution that improved our patient offerings while consolidating the workflows of our providers, physicians, nurse practitioners, and administrative staff,” said Robin Fagala, practice manager of Conway OB-GYN Clinic.

“eClinicalWorks provides us with an array of health IT solutions like PRISMA and Scribe, up-to-date staff training, and reporting efficiencies all while meeting our financial needs. We can gather records seamlessly from local hospitals using different EHR systems, including Allegheny General Hospital — which uses Epic — and St. Clair Health — which uses Veradigm.”

At the heart of this transition is "Scribe," a state-of-the-art AI-powered tool that harnesses the capabilities of natural language processing (NLP).

This tool enables physicians to document clinical observations using voice dictation software, streamlining the process and cutting down on both time and expenses.

Conway OB-GYN will also be utilizing PRISMA, an innovative healthcare information search engine. Designed to support data-driven medical decisions, PRISMA collates pertinent clinical data into a user-friendly, searchable format, making it easier to pinpoint care gaps.

Additionally, the clinic is set to offer the healow Mom app, a comprehensive platform tailored for expectant mothers. This app provides a plethora of features, from appointment scheduling to blood pressure monitoring. Expecting mothers can also tap into resources that guide them through their pregnancy journey, ensuring they are well-prepared for labor and the joyous birth announcement.

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