NE Hospital Taps MEDITECH EHR Implementation to Simplify Clinical Workflows

Box Butte General Hospital (BBGH) and MEDITECH held a mock live event for the EHR implementation to help fine-tune clinical workflows.

Box Butte General Hospital (BBGH) in Nebraska has begun a MEDITECH EHR implementation to help drive quality care delivery and streamline clinical workflows.

The hospital began the move to MEDITECH in March 2022 to arm providers with timely patient health data for clinical decision support.

From September 20 to 22, the MEDITECH and BBGH MEDITECH project teams executed a mock live event. MEDITECH specialists came on campus to work with BBGH superusers. A superuser is someone the BBGH team can look to for guidance and training to understand the new EHR platform and best practice workflows.

The project team selected several different patient scenarios from old records from the hospital’s current Centriq system and ran the scenarios through the MEDITECH Expanse platform.

The mock live event is imperative to the implementation to ensure the new system functions properly and links charges and claims correctly, BBGH officials said.

In the months leading up to the mock live event, the BBGH project team worked closely with the MEDITECH team to input BBGH’s information into the EHR system.

The information input into the system is referred to as dictionaries. The BBGH project team produced several dictionaries such as resources, locations, facilities, doctors, referrals, orders, pharmaceuticals, supplies, procedures, exams, and labs.

Once the hospital produced the dictionaries, MEDITECH helped customize content based on workflows and industry best practices.

Now that BBGH is post-mock live, the project teams will fine-tune the system based on what they found. Testing of patient scenarios will continue during the upcoming months, and the hospital will complete end-user training before the new system goes live.

BBGH is taking detailed and cautious steps to test the system and verify it works with all the scenarios seen throughout the organization, hospital officials noted.

The hospital postponed its original go-live date of November 1; a new date is yet to be determined.

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