Blue Cedar launches BlackBerry Accelerator for automatic MAM SDK integration

Mobile app management SDKs and app wrapping are a large total addressable market in the enterprise. The BlackBerry Accelerator joins other tech for automatic SDK integration.

A few weeks ago in the Friday Notebook, we mentioned that mobile app management Blue Cedar raised $17 million B round of funding. Today, they have more news to share, as they’re formally launching BlackBerry Accelerator, which is their ability to automatically integrate the BlackBerry Dynamics mobile app management SDK into apps. Let’s take a look.

Remember that Blue Cedar does app “injection” (which we called app wrapping back in the day) to automatically integrate MAM features into apps; plus, they also offer a mobile-specific VPN and gateway product. Blue Cedar spun out of Mocana and raised a $10 million A round in 2016.

Since their launch, Blue Cedar has been steadily updating their technology on the client and platform side (see here and here for previous coverage). Most recently, the platform has been re-architected for the cloud.

Now, their next big strategic move is to start integrating mobile app management and security SDKs from other vendors. (This is an approach shared by AppDome.) As I mentioned, they’re officially launching the BlackBerry Accelerator, but they can also integrate SDKs from Arxan.

We’ve been talking about app wrapping and MAM SDK for years now (I first covered Blue Cedar’s tech back when it was still part of Mocana, in 2012). In that time, thoughts about how to approach EMM, BYOD, and MAM have evolved considerably, but it’s clear that there are many use cases that call for embedding security and management tech into apps, and automating the process with app wrapping makes a lot of sense.

I spoke to Blue Cedar CEO John Aisien shortly after the recent funding news, and among other things, he said they’ll look to do a bit more marketing. The total addressable market for enterprise mobile app management and security is quite large, though for now, he said they will be mostly going where their partners lead them. John also noted that more of their customers are using Blue Cedar as part of a mobile DevOps process, rather than simply a per-project basis.

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