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Leveraging Automation to Scale Security in the Cloud

Automation is essential to ensuring the security and success of any cloud migration, from the most basic to the most complex. We are at a time when there is a severe shortage of qualified security personnel and growing  pressure to keep cybersecurity budgets under control.

Meanwhile, adversaries are stepping up their game and using automation and intelligence extensively to launch more sophisticated and potentially devastating attacks.

To optimize protection across your cloud environments, you must ensure that security policies, processes, prevention, detection and response are automated at scale.

Cloud migration challenges
As organizations move more workloads and applications into the cloud, they face a range of security challenges in their efforts to ensure that all their environments are protected and visibility extends everywhere. IT and security teams need to: 

  • Quickly and accurately discover all public, private and hybrid cloud instances across multiple cloud providers.
  • Protect applications across servers, virtual machines, cloud workloads, containers, serverless and even cloud storage environments.
  • Achieve, maintain and demonstrate compliance with regulatory requirements across industries and geographies.
  • Address the latest security threats in real time with comprehensive detection and response capabilities.
  • Support developers with security as code for DevOps, deployed at cloud scale.
  • Limit the risk of manual mistakes and ease the burden on security teams by eliminating as many manual tasks as possible. 

Platform-delivered automation
Automation in cybersecurity can address every one of these challenges, particularly when it is deployed end to end as part of a unified cloud security platform.

With the right platform, you can use automation for activities ranging from performing routine maintenance tasks to helping the security operations center use machine learning and artificial intelligence to prioritize threats and minimize risk.

Here are some of the ways platform-delivered automation can help your organization simplify, secure and scale cloud migrations:

  • Automate discovery of workloads and cloud infrastructure across all the major cloud providers, including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud.
  • Automate protection to save time and resources with automated security policy across all environments as you migrate or create new cloud workloads.
  • Automate security as code to allow DevOps teams to shift left and use a rich set of APIs to bake security into their build pipelines and support continuous integration/continuous delivery.
  • Reduce management costs by automating repetitive and resource-intensive security tasks, reduce false-positive alerts and enable an automated workflow for security incident response.
  • Accelerate compliance with automated deployment of required controls via security policy across all your environments, along with centralized management and reporting.
  • Deploy and consolidate security across environments and operating systems with a single agent and platform.
  • Integrate security with your existing tool set for automated security deployment, policy configuration and management, health checks, incident response and more.

Cloud Migration: Achieve More Together with Four Security Considerations

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Taking the next step
Cloud cybersecurity is dependent on extensive use of automation. Having separate tools or management consoles for security and compliance will never give you the comprehensive and cohesive approach to automation that is necessary now and in the future. 

As you migrate more applications and workloads to the cloud, it is imperative to also invest in an end-to-end security platform that will seamlessly scale as your needs grow and deliver the level of integrated automation that will maximize protection and compliance.

Please visit Trend Micro to learn more about how you can leverage automation to scale security and compliance at every stage of your cloud migration journey.

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