Buyer's Handbook: Choose the best load testing software for your apps Article 1 of 4

Load testing software prepares company apps for customer use

Smooth-running apps are essential for a successful business. When web or mobile applications crash or malfunction on the customer, business profits and reputation take a hit.

Look no further than the breach that exposed the data of approximately 75,000 users as an example of a poorly performing app that had a negative impact on business operations. Some application problems only emerge as the app scales up to meet increased customer demand. Normal performance can suddenly turn into timed-out sessions, errors and database crashes.

Application load testing software is a critical instrument for scalable development. Load testing tools ensure that apps can handle the expected amount of traffic without malfunctions. Load testing is a type of performance testing -- in addition to stress testing -- that identifies just how much capacity an app can handle before it crashes or weak points emerge that affect users. The tools achieve this by pinpointing an app's normal and maximum operating capacities and measuring how it performs during upward and downward spikes of use.

The right load testing software enables an application team to assess the server, database, APIs, messaging systems and the full engine that drives the application to see how it performs under various scenarios. Successful load testing results in apps that can handle changes in traffic without users experiencing crashes.

Load testing software buyers must examine their development infrastructures along with the level of coding expertise that their staff possesses -- or does not possess -- to determine the right product for them. They must also consider product-specific factors like versioning, integration and reporting capabilities, as well as the scripting languages and the type of app that each tool supports. With the in-depth vendor roundups available in this product guide, buyers can select the tool that can best ensure that their apps perform properly and customers are satisfied. 

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