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May 2016

A new brew of Java with DevOps approach

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Taking the DevOps approach to Java application development projects isn't an entirely new idea. However, Java DevOps is gaining momentum, and there is no expectation of an end in sight. In fact, the thrust of DevOps is expected to expand into other sectors of business practices. This handbook covers how DevOps is a concept made by the demand for human connection between development and operations departments. This level of mature communication has proven to enhance Java application development and deployment.

Part one covers the basics of improving software quality and looks at where security might fit in between development and operations. Part two discusses tooling options and how to make the right decisions for your organization. And finally, part three delves into making the transitional steps of the DevOps approach. It also gets deep into Git, the option that opposes traditional source code tooling.

About The Author

Chris Riley - Industry Analyst

Chris Riley is a technologist and DevOps analyst in the area of ...Read More

Table Of Contents

  • Move into the future with DevOps
  • Choosing the right DevOps tools
  • The easiest part in a DevOps transition

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