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September 2016

Boost continuous delivery by developing a unified cloud and DevOps model

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The DevOps model, which more cohesively aligns application development with IT operations tasks and personnel, can play a useful role in an organization's IT modernization effort. When software can be developed in ways that support continuous delivery, environments can be run with both greater stability and agility. Still, adopting DevOps is a dramatic change to the way IT professionals do their jobs.

DevOps is becoming increasingly popular in businesses big and small. And for organizations with applications in the cloud, the benefits of DevOps are often amplified. This handbook looks at strategies for establishing a DevOps model and explains how DevOps differs from the traditional processes of application development. The relationship between DevOps and the cloud is emphasized, with a discussion about how continuous delivery can be a precursor to a DevOps strategy. Even an organization running its apps on premises can take advantage of a cloud and DevOps strategy by using public cloud resources for test and development tasks.

About The Author

Tom Nolle - Founder and Principal Analyst

Tom Nolle is founder and principal analyst at Andover Intel. He ...Read More

Table Of Contents

  • How cloud computing changes the DevOps equation
  • Developing and testing on-premises apps in the cloud
  • The cloud-DevOps security worry

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