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It's about time for speedier software testing

Smoother, quicker software testing is a goal that's always on the boards, but that effort seems more often to be in progress than complete. Even when an organization makes headway, it never quite reaches a point where everyone is satisfied.

Not surprisingly, shortcuts and easy paths to success are hard to come by. That doesn't mean that certain software testing techniques can't reduce your test times to more reasonable durations. With tests that run in parallel, more efficient login strategies and overrides that curtail tests as soon as they fail, it is possible to streamline your procedures.

The strategies proposed in this handbook aim to eliminate long-running tests. Software test expert Matt Heusser lays out this approach in detail, writing about six actions an organization can take to speed up testing of software, from the elimination of redundant actions to the identification of tests that don't need to be conducted in the first place.

This handbook also offers guidance on software testing techniques with articles focused on how Agile and DevOps methods change the role of testers, and whether tests done in production can alleviate some of the frustration of long test times.

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