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Get the picture: Enterprise DevOps maturity

DevOps promotes shifts in team organization, container usage and, of course, software delivery. Note these DevOps adoption trends to see where your team has room to adapt and mature.

Title Get the picture: Enterprise DevOps maturity

As organizations roll DevOps approaches into their development and deployment workflows, they are finding that the goals of DevOps continuously evolve. Similarly, what empowers high performers and differentiates them from low performers can shift -- as can the expected deliverables.

Software delivery metrics can elucidate DevOps maturity and team productivity, both versus other points in time and between different organizations. The frequency with which a team deploys software features speaks volumes about the amount of DevOps growth its organization has undergone.

DevOps teams can achieve streamlined yet safe software delivery largely because of CI/CD pipelines. The integration and automation that CI/CD workflows and tools provide enable teams to achieve DevOps goals, such as greater collaboration across skill sets and more frequent software builds.

As a part of our look into DevOps maturity, we documented various adoption trends, team structures and delivery measures. See how your team stacks up.

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