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Enterprise DevOps growth evident in CI/CD, container data

CI/CD tool sets combine with containerization development to create fertile ground for IT organizations to grow into DevOps practices.

Title Enterprise DevOps growth evident in CI/CD, container data

DevOps growth has come in fits and starts for IT organizations, from traditional enterprises to cloud-native startups and multinational content providers. But the stats on DevOps performance show an overwhelming drive for maturity.

DevOps adherents Spotify and Target created team structures and learning centers that IT organizations adopted in waves. And DevOps tools bridge remaining IT team divisions, enabling developers and IT operations admins to maintain an environment without incompatibilities.

Container adoption is a prominent aspect of DevOps growth, for the isolation and deployment technology's resource savings, consistency throughout the application lifecycle and speed advantages. DevOps and containers have risen to prominence hand in hand as applications become more componentized. An application split into independent code units is easier and faster to update and scale than one with a monolithic architecture, which opens the door to CI/CD and faster mean times to detection and resolution.

Trends upward in DevOps maturity and containerization provide IT with a paved path to success -- though issues with legacy hardware and software might look like daunting potholes.

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