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Compare container security companies for the best protection

Securing containers can be a challenge when faced with buying the right platform. Discover these container security companies and their capabilities in this graphic.

Title Compare container security companies for the best protection

The container security landscape is a multifaceted space with products that provide a whole suite of services, as well as more specialized options.

The right choice depends on your needs, organizational culture, buying habits and targeted use case. A comprehensive system offers economic and support advantages if you, in fact, need the entire portfolio of features available from it. If, on the other hand, only a subset of those features are applicable, you may find a more niche product a better fit.

Compared to other security products, there is an extra dimension to consider when evaluating container security companies -- specifically, the deployment lifecycle stage you wish to bolster. There are products that target the development side of the DevOps equation and those that are more operations-focused. Likewise, some of the portfolio products address both.

To help clarify what can be a confusing market, this infographic organizes leading products by the NIST Cybersecurity Framework functions that they target: identify, detect, protect and respond.

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