Applitools Eyes now free for open source libraries

Open source libraries can now access Applitools Eyes at no cost as part of Applitools' effort to invest in open source. It has also partnered with This Dot for an apprentice program.

Applitools Eyes, an automated software testing tool, is now available for open source libraries for free.

Applitools Eyes uses cognitive vision technology to detect difference between two screen displays. The tool can replace hundreds of lines of code with one visual scan.

Testers can use Applitools Eyes to test web applications on multiple browsers, such as Chrome, Safari or Internet Explorer using a variety of screen resolutions. They can also test mobile applications on iPhone, iPad or iPad mini.

Applitools enables users to build custom visual reports, automate test maintenance and use existing tests rather than creating new tests or learning a new test automation language.

Additionally, Applitools has partnered with This Dot's Open Source Apprentice Program to provide a path to open source to junior-level developers. According to its website, This Dot provides architectural guidance, staff augmentation, subject matter experts on demand, temporary CTOs, one-on-one pairing, mentorship and open source strategy support.

According to Applitools, this partnership enables the company to invest in open source while supporting tech diversity through open source programs. With This Dot, Applitools has worked with open source libraries including Preact Material Components, NgRx, Lona by Airbnb, Clarity by VMWare, Ngx Bootstrap, Leaf UI and Ng2 Charts.

Applitools' front-end development architect Gil Tayar leads the apprentice program. According to Applitols, Tayar teaches apprentices visual testing, demonstrates how to integrate that into an open source library and gets pull requests turned into real-life projects.

Applitools' free licenses for open source projects is available online.

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