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5 software development trends propel innovation in 2019


How app dev trends will change IT roles in 2019

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Application development looks starkly different for 2019 than it did five or 10 years ago. As enterprises embrace the inevitability and possibilities of digital transformation, the IT industry must keep pace with accelerated release schedules -- and all the challenges that come with them.

A new wave of app dev trends will join Agile, DevOps and cloud-native development to change IT roles. IoT, for example, poses a number of connectivity challenges for IT teams that want to develop at the edge, and sophisticated new security threats always emerge.

No matter your IT role, it takes an eagerness to accept new responsibilities and a collaborative team approach to adapt to emergent app dev trends -- not to mention a close eye on delivering value back to the business.

We asked SearchSoftwareQuality contributors to predict what app dev trends await in 2019, as well as how developers, testers and project managers can adapt to these new challenges. After all, no matter what cool software development capabilities emerge, IT professionals must ensure high-quality software reaches their customers.

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