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Agile vs. DevOps: Test your software methodology knowledge

To develop software faster, Agile or DevOps can help. But that doesn't make either choice easy. Test your knowledge to see if you understand what makes each methodology unique.

Even though DevOps seems to be the flavor of the day, Agile has been around longer and is still a popular software development methodology for companies of all sizes.

But while longevity has its benefits, it's also brought a lot of dissension to the ranks of Agile supporters. Many feel the methodology has been weakened or watered down. Some even believe too many failed implementations have tarnished the philosophy and a name change is in order. And, still, others think it might be time for a completely new manifesto.

At the same time, DevOps, while popular to talk about, remains difficult to implement and particularly difficult to scale. Every conference plays host to lively debates between those who think DevOps is a technical solution and others who believe it's a cultural shift. There's no question DevOps is relatively straightforward to roll out in a startup or throughout a single team. But to take the push further and into all of the DevOps "cousins" that have sprung up -- DevSecOps, BizDevOps, DevTestOps, etc. -- is a task only the largest companies have managed at this point.

When it comes to Agile vs. DevOps, the lines blur around the edges and, in some companies, the methodologies happily coexist. Take our quiz to see how much you know about both philosophies -- and if you can tell the two apart.

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