Agile 2013: The project management process for baking a cookie

Do you like tasty cookies? SearchSoftwareQuality's site editor James Denman sure does! One may not associate yummy treats with Agile, but this video filmed at Agile 2013 shows an analogy between development and cooking.

Sujey Edward, vice president of Salient Federal Solutions' Agile Center of Excellence, gave Denman an interesting demo on the project management process for baking a cookie.

Denman clearly won't be on Cake Boss anytime soon -- within minutes he failed his unit testing!

Sadly, Denman wasn't the only one with baking snafus at Agile 2013. Edward said while many people viewed the "improvement backlog" board, no one bothered to pick up the instruction manual. This highlights how many people go about tackling problems. "People always want those big training manuals, but today's groups want something a little more interactive, a little faster," said Edward.

Watch the above video for the complete demonstration at Agile 2013.

Special thanks to Cesar Tavares, process and tools solution expert, Salient Commercial Solutions' Agile Center of Excellence for his camera work.

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