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Success Stories in Leveraging Data to Unlock Digital Business Potential

The potential to maximize the value of data is within reach for every organization and every IT department. The path is through solutions that enable the organization to deliver data as a service, while eliminating silos to leverage all data, from edge to data center to cloud.

In this article, we look at examples of four companies that are at the forefront of using data to drive innovation and deliver transformative experiences for their employees, customers and partners.

Bosch Group is a leading global supplier of technology and services. To fuel innovation and speed time to market, Bosch needed an agile infrastructure for developers and DevOps teams. Public cloud wasn’t an option because of the company’s stringent security requirements and the size and customized nature of its environment. Bosch developed a private cloud solution, but as the infrastructure grew exponentially, the company needed to upgrade its storage environment. With NetApp-powered building blocks—including four NetApp AFF A33 systems, FlexClone thin-cloning technology and NetApp REST API—developers can create a virtual machine (VM) in less than one second and run builds in parallel. Cloning allows Bosch to reduce storage costs and gives developers an infrastructure-as-code solution that lets them spend more time developing, thereby accelerating innovation with new features and solutions.  

Read the full Bosch Group case study: Bosch accelerates engineering innovation with DevOps; and check out the value of a common data architecture:

DreamWorks Animation is an exemplar of a data-driven company. Every single element of a CG animation film is digitally drafted down to its final detail. Billions of files and petabytes of storage must be managed and accessible over the lifecycle of each film franchise. “A single frame of a film is made up of many hundreds of small files; an entire movie can comprise half a billion,” says DreamWorks CTO Jeff Wike. “That collection of files becomes a real digital asset, not just for that movie, but for future uses to come—including sequels, television series, theme part attractions, live entertainment and more. We version the files interactively so an artist can create revisions and still keep track of everything.” The studio uses a wide range of NetApp solutions, including all-flash storage, ONTAP, Astra, Trident and more for 100% uptime with low latency and simplified management.

See how DreamWorks accelerates animation in this video: DreamWorks Animation accelerates their data fabric with NetApp technology

SAP leverages Azure NetApp Files to empower the HANA Enterprise Cloud. This partnership accelerates a customer’s evolution to the cloud and into an intelligent enterprise while delivering huge benefits in flexibility and stability and the lowest possible cost of ownership. SAP HANA Storage Snapshots are tailored with NetApp’s SnapCenter technologies to provide a reliable and fast backup and recovery solution. Deployments are accelerated by 30% to 40%. In addition, SAP uses Azure NetApp Files to accelerate app migrations and run apps seamlessly across cloud and on-premises environments. Cloud adoption is streamlined because customers don’t have to purchase or manage extra storage infrastructure.

Unlock SAP on Azure without the risk, cost or time investment: Enterprise file storage and data management on Azure with Azure NetApp files

NetApp on NetApp is a particularly compelling case study because of the myriad ways in which NetApp has used—and continues to use—its own products to simplify, automate and transform into a hybrid-cloud-driven IT enterprise. Vital aspects of the transformation include:

  • Increased agility, reduced costs and faster speed to market by accelerating DevOps practices with solutions such as FlexClone and the IT department’s CloudOne DevOps platform.
  • A hybrid cloud operation for both public and private cloud infrastructures to manage 30,000 VMs each day, including VM creation, deletion, power on and off, status and IP and DNS management (while supporting multiple hypervisors).
  • Video analytics to improve safety and security via video surveillance, as well as multimedia to optimize workflows, accelerate production of content and achieve a resilient archive of product materials, finished programs and applications.
  • Increased automation of IT tasks for faster application delivery, leveraging NetApp Trident with RedHat OpenShift to quickly spin up compute and storage resources for containerized applications. IT can now deliver full-featured stacks in minutes or even seconds, instead of days or weeks.
  • Improved efficiency with a tiered archive approach using StorageGRID, E-Series and All-Flash FAS storage.

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Taking the Next Step

There are several elements common to each of these organizations: They are all data driven, they are all innovative, and they are all leaders and visionaries in their respective fields. They are also all users of NetApp solutions to help harness the enormous power of their data.

If you’re ready for your new normal, NetApp can help. Get more information here: Welcome to NetApp—we’re the cloud storage specialists