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Komprise adds disaster recovery with granular restorations

The Komprise Intelligent Data Management platform gains new DR capabilities that enable granular recovery of file and object resources through the existing user console.


7 top business continuity certifications to consider in 2024

Organizations can bolster and validate the expertise of their IT teams with a variety of certifications. There are several options aimed at business continuity professionals.

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Best practices for a strong disaster recovery testing strategy

Testing is a critical part of the disaster recovery planning process. Without proper testing, IT teams might miss crucial updates or make avoidable missteps in a recovery.

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Sustainability and business continuity share a common goal

At first glance, business continuity planning and sustainability efforts might seem separate. But at their core, both aim to create a resilient organization.

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Disaster Recovery Basics

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    Free business continuity testing template for IT pros

    Business continuity testing can be a major challenge for any organization. This free template offers ways to incorporate testing into the business continuity management process.

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    crisis management plan (CMP)

    A crisis management plan (CMP) outlines how an organization should respond to a critical situation that if left unaddressed, could negatively affect its profitability, reputation or ability to operate.

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    What is risk mitigation?

    Risk mitigation is a strategy to prepare for and lessen the effects of threats faced by a business.

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