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What are 5 good reasons to do yearly disaster recovery testing?

Do you think yearly disaster recovery testing is overkill? You're not alone, but you are missing out on some key ways DR testing can help backup and recovery efforts.


6 ways to support business resilience at your organization

Without enough support, resilience initiatives are unlikely to succeed. Here are six ways individuals and departments can support business resilience.


How often should you review a business continuity plan?

Business continuity plans are not a one-and-done deal. Before a disaster strikes, ensure your organization's BC plan is up to date with regular reviews.


Users dish on ransomware protection, recovery at VeeamON

To help protect against and recover from ransomware attacks, IT professionals at VeeamON 2023 recommended planning, testing and other key security measures.

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Disaster Recovery Basics

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    crisis management plan (CMP)

    A crisis management plan (CMP) outlines how to respond to a critical situation that would negatively affect an organization's profitability, reputation or ability to operate.

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    What is business continuity and why is it important?

    Business continuity is an organization's ability to maintain critical business functions during a disaster and after it has occurred.

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    data replication

    Data replication is the process of copying data from one location to another.

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