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Acronis Cyber Protect adds new capabilities for remote users

SMB IT teams can now empower users to restore endpoints such as laptops with Acronis Cyber Protect 16 and protect against ransomware with new immutable backups.


New media could bring fresh competition to tape archive market

Tape has had the archive media market cornered for years, but newcomers including those working in DNA and glass could change that just as demand is set to increase.


4 long-term data backup options

Data backups ensure copies of critical data are available in the event of a crisis or failure. When backing up long-term data, cost and capacity are vital considerations.


10 enterprise cloud backup services to consider in 2024

Cloud backup is a huge category of the data protection market today. With so many providers to choose from, businesses must prioritize the features they need.

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Data Backup Basics

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    storage snapshot

    A storage snapshot is a set of reference markers for data at a particular point in time (PIT). More specifically, it's a collection of saved application data and a comprehensive log that details how the saved data has changed over time.

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    data deduplication hardware

    Data deduplication hardware is disk storage that eliminates redundant copies of data and retains one instance to be stored.

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    data loss

    Data loss is the intentional or unintentional destruction of information.

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