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Enterprise backup as a service explained

Enterprise BaaS is a software as a service that delivers backup and recovery services that connect systems to the cloud. Learn how BaaS works, pros and cons, and best practices.

Before the pandemic, enterprises were gradually turning to software-as-a-service providers for data protection. With millions of employees now working from home, more organizations started asking: "What is enterprise backup as a service, and how can it help me?"

Backup as service (BaaS) greatly simplifies the management and backing up of data. With many IT shops dealing with a new work-from-home reality, managing storage and backup infrastructure onsite became that much more difficult, if not impossible.

Cloud backup removes all physicality from the equation. It ensures that providers, not internal IT staff, are tasked with managing backup data, making it available should issues arise. BaaS also enables individuals to recover lost data unassisted, further enabling IT to focus on more immediate concerns.

Explore what enterprise backup as a service is, how it works, its place in the cloud storage ecosystem, technology pros and cons, and best practices. Delve into the benefits BaaS provides to remote workers and the services available from some of the major BaaS vendors.

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This was first published in November 2020

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