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Illinois college uses Wasabi cloud storage to cut ties with tape

Moraine Valley Community College's IT department replaced its tape backup system with modern cloud storage using Rubrik and Wasabi, saving on time and costs.


Hard disk drives to remain dominant storage media in 2022

Hard disk drives are increasing in density and maintaining a lower price point than alternatives, but flash is gaining ground. Here, experts sound off on the fate of HDDs in 2022.


Weigh these 6 enterprise benefits of storage as a service

Storage as a service offers cloud procurement and remote management of on-premises storage. Benefits include scalability, utilitylike consumption pricing and storage optimization.


Dell Apex introduces new multi-cloud management tools

Dell is adding more capabilities to its Dell Apex cloud as-as-service portfolio, which are billed as tools to simplify and manage a multi-cloud infrastructure.

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Storage Technology Basics

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    storage filer

    A storage filer is a type of file server designed and programmed for high-volume data storage, backup and archiving.

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    information lifecycle management (ILM)

    Information lifecycle management (ILM) is a comprehensive approach to managing an organization's data and associated metadata, starting with its creation and acquisition through when it becomes obsolete and is deleted.

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    WORM (write once, read many)

    In computer media, write once, read many, or WORM, is a data storage technology that allows data to be written to a storage medium a single time and prevents the data from being erased or modified.

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