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MinIO airs Weka licensing complaint

MinIO launched a blog battle with Weka on its use of the former's object store, with both claiming to be in the right.

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NFS vs. CIFS vs. SMB: What are the differences?

There are stark differences among file sharing protocols NFS, CIFS and SMB. Compare access, application deployment, configuration and security, among other key features.

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Compare DRAM vs. DRAM-less SSDs for cost, performance

Are DRAM-less SSDs the way of the future? While they're a great fit for hyperscale data centers, other organizations may also find benefits, such as cost.

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2023 data storage conference lineup spotlights memory, cloud

While the previous three years featured a majority of virtual or hybrid events, in-person shows dominate the 2023 storage conference calendar. Emerging memory tech is a key focus.

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