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Arcitecta leverages metadata to move critical data faster

Arcitecta has found a way to increase the data transfer speed of its Mediaflux Livewire software, which can be valuable for projects that demand significant collaboration.


New Hammerspace capability sets up enterprise AI

The latest update to Hammerspace's software-defined storage system removes metadata from data path, enabling HPC to use data from any storage source without specialized hardware.


Dell PowerScale adds new all-flash nodes, with eyes on AI

Dell has added the latest-generation Intel CPUs, PCIe 5.0 storage and DDR5 RAM to PowerScale, doubling the performance and making it a more attractive fit for AI.


Nasuni drifts cloud storage platform into data management

Cloud storage and edge caching vendor Nasuni is adding new data observability capabilities to its platform with Nasuni IQ, now available to all Nasuni customers.

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Storage Technology Basics

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    How AI and cloud storage can work together

    AI can help cloud storage providers with management, but challenges for users include vendor compatibility issues, lack of transparency in cost and privacy concerns.

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    RAM (random access memory)

    Random access memory (RAM) is the hardware in a computing device that provides temporary storage for the operating system (OS), software programs and any other data in current use so they're quickly available to the device's processor.

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    disk array

    A disk array, also called a storage array, is a data storage system used for block-based storage, file-based storage or object storage.

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