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DataCore Bolt strikes at enterprise Kubernetes

DataCore brings an enterprise-ready version of OpenEBS' Kubernetes storage management with DataCore Bolt, the company's first software release since acquiring MayaData.


What sustainable data storage means for your data center

Storage sustainability requires commitment from the entire organization. Don't put it on the back burner -- these tips can help the environment and keep the issue top of mind.


IXsystems aims for the enterprise with latest OS updates

IXsystems brought performance and feature updates to TrueNAS and TrueNAS Scale in a major update that the vendor hopes will make it more attractive to the enterprise.


Pure Storage, Snowflake partner on analyzing local data

Snowflake and Pure Storage have partnered to bring data analytics capabilities to FlashBlade storage without the need to move the data to the cloud.

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Storage Technology Basics

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    program/erase cycle (P/E cycle)

    A solid-state storage program/erase cycle (P/E cycle) is a sequence of events in which data is written to a solid-state NAND flash memory cell, such as the type found in a flash or thumb drive, and is subsequently erased and rewritten.

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    garbage collection

    Garbage collection (GC) is a memory recovery feature built into programming languages such as C# and Java.

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    Explore top data lake providers for substantial storage use

    Don't be deterred by the murky waters of data lake technology. Fishing for the right provider to accelerate your analytics is probably easier than you think.

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