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New Amazon File Cache service takes on CTERA, Nasuni

A new service for faster access to storage in AWS cloud challenges capabilities of many other cloud vendors but lacks important components.


Compare software-defined storage vs. storage virtualization

SDS and storage virtualization are two approaches that help storage teams efficiently and cost-effectively manage resources. Examine the differences between the two.


Cloudian's new load balancer targets object storage sprawl

Cloudian customers can simplify support needs and hardware misconfigurations with the new HyperBalance load balancer, the result of a new partnership with


TechTarget Storage Products of the Year judging criteria

This article discusses how products are judged for the TechTarget Storage Products of the Year awards.

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Storage Technology Basics

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    What to know about SMART SSD use

    This overview of SMART attributes in SSDs explains how organizations can put them to good use. SMART SSDs provide peace of mind about device life span.

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    A primer on disaggregated storage

    Disaggregated storage enables organizations to scale compute and storage separately for high-performance, low-latency workloads. Some benefits are cost savings and flexibility.

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    Key differences in software RAID vs. hardware RAID

    Hardware RAID generally costs more than software RAID but may offer better performance. Consider factors like cost, performance needs and OSes to find the best fit.

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