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Datadobi adds analysis and dashboards to StorageMap

Customers can now see where their critical data is, make a better representation of it and move it to where it is most effectively utilized.


Hammerspace adds S3 interface to Global Data Platform

Hammerspace adds the S3 interface to its parallel global file system, allowing object storage to talk directly to the software while bringing more efficient data use to compute.

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SAN vs. NAS vs. DAS: Key differences and best use cases

Compare SAN, NAS and DAS and find out what to consider when using each type of storage system. Object storage and the cloud are additional available storage options.


WD unveils storage for AI framework alongside new drives

As the focus for enterprise AI spreads beyond compute, Western Digital introduces a new SSD and HDD. It also released an AI framework that outlines what storage should be used when.

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Storage Technology Basics

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    bad block

    A bad block is an area of storage media that is no longer reliable for storing and retrieving data because it has been physically damaged or corrupted.

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    erasure coding (EC)

    Erasure coding (EC) is a method of data protection in which data is broken into fragments, expanded and encoded with redundant data pieces, and stored across a set of different locations or storage media.

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    3D XPoint

    3D XPoint is memory storage technology that was jointly developed by Intel and Micron Technology. The two vendors intended for the technology to fill a gap in the storage market between dynamic RAM (DRAM) and NAND flash.

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