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Stratoscale buys Tesora, adds AWS database services

Stratoscale acquired database-as-a-service provider Tesora Inc. in a move aimed at strengthening its AWS database services.

The hyper-converged software startup added Tesora’s open platform for NoSQL databases Monday. The same day, Stratoscale launched a homegrown relational database service in its Amazon-compatible cloud storage stack.

The Tesora technology will be phased in with future rollouts of Stratoscale Symphony hyper-converged software. Symphony supports block and object storage capabilities by turning x86 servers into hyper-converged compute clusters.

Symphony builds an Amazon-like private cloud behind a firewall to help enterprises reduce VMware licensing costs. Customers can connect their legacy storage to a Symphony cluster and have Stratoscale orchestrate the compute, networking, storage and virtualization resources.

Tesora Database as a Service (DBaaS) is an enterprise-hardened version of OpenStack Trove, the native database service for OpenStack-based clouds. The Tesora acquisition hastens the delivery of relational AWS database services, a feature already on Stratoscale’s roadmap.

“This is a big expansion for us. It allows us to engage with customers who have been waiting for this type of capacity,” Stratoscale CEO Ariel Maislos said. “Going into production with database as a service is very complex, so this will save us about a year of development time.”

Tesora DBaaS enables self-service management and provisioning for Cassandra, Couchbase, DataStax Enterprise, DB2 Express, MariaDB, MongoDB, MySQL, Percona,Redis and Oracle. Stratocale said it will use the Tesora platform to augment its AWS database services, which include its AWS Relational Database Service and AWS NoSQL database offerings.

Maislos said enterprises want Stratoscale’s help with large-scale deployments that mirror AWS database services such as Amazon RDS.

“People want the ability to run their applications either in Amazon or inside their data center,” he said. “If you want to do a hybrid cloud, we give you an on-premises environment that is compatible with the private cloud. That’s the Holy Grail that customers love.”

Since its launch in 2015, Stratoscale has expanded its Amazon support to include Simple Storage Services, DynamoDB, Elastic Block Store, ElastiCache in-memory cache, Redshift and Virtual Private Cloud Services. Symphony 3.4 is currently shipping to customers with support for Kubernetes as a service and a one-click Application Catalog to deploy more than 140 prepackaged catalogs.

Stratoscale did not disclose terms of the deal. Tesora’s Cambridge, Mass., office will be added to Stratoscale locations in Israel, New York City and Sunnyvale, Calif. Maislos said approximately 20 Tesora employees are now part of Stratoscale.

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