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Tintri Enterprise Cloud Series federates 64 flash nodes

Flash vendor Tintri in July expanded storage clustering to enable customers to build a massively scalable private enterprise cloud. On Tuesday, the Tintri enterprise cloud strategy added another plank: new all-flash arrays designed as targets for its virtualization software.

The Tintri Enterprise Cloud EC 6000 Series models supplant VMStore arrays as the vendor’s new flagship platform. The product allows an enterprise to manage 64 nodes as a federated storage pool in Tintri Global Center.

The vendor claims a single EC Series 64-node flash cluster potentially delivers 8 PB of usable storage and more than 20 million IOPS on 8K block sizes. Users are able to manage 480,000 virtual machines on the same platform.

Four models of EC 6000 arrays are available. The high-capacity EC6090 scales between 76 TB and 645 TB of effective capacity with inline data reduction. The midrange EC6070 and EC6050 scale to 322 TB, while the low-end EC6030 tops out at 81 TB.

“We will be able to serve a single small department within an organization, all the way to building a massive cloud,” said Dhiraj Sehgal, Tintri’s director of product marketing.

The 2U EC Series models ship with 8 TB 3D NAND SSDs. Tintri said the capacity to expand capacity on a drive-by-drive basis is on its product roadmap. That feature will allow users to take advantage of Tintri’s enterprise cloud analytics for sizing compute and storage.

Like other storage vendors, Tintri has been trying to reposition itself as a cloud service platform. The software hooks added in July let users tie their on-premises VMstore arrays to multiple public clouds.

The EC Series arrays hit the market as Tintri prepares to deliver its first earnings report on Thursday since going public in June.  Dates of first earnings typically are a bellwether for new entrants in the public market.

Tintri had high hopes for its initial public offering, setting a target price of $11 a share and forecasting proceeds of $109 million.  In reality, it netted $60 million as investors show tepid interest in tech stocks. Shares in Tintri have ranged a high of$7.75 to a low of $5.12.

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