The ultimate guide to Dell's EMC acquisition

Last updated:October 2015

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Dell’s proposed EMC acquisition for $67 billion has repercussions throughout the IT world. The blockbuster deal covers server, storage, virtualization, security, networking, cloud, content management and end-point computing. Along with EMC, Dell is buying VMware, RSA Security, Pivotal and other EMC-held companies and technologies. The combination of giants is likely to bring about changes in all those areas, with possible ripple effects including more acquisitions and partnerships.

This guide is the one-stop place to read about the largest acquisition in technology history, with news, details of the transactions, reactions and analysis from all of TechTarget’s sites. We will continue to add updates through the expected closing date of mid-2016 and during the transition period.

This is the place to find out how the deal is likely to affect your area of expertise and the leading vendors in the data storage industry. 

1What the EMC deal will mean for IT

There are many questions surrounding Dell's acquisition of EMC, from where the merger leaves VMware to what results Dell's partners are expecting. This section covers what's to come following the deal.

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