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StorageOS powers media file movement for IMT's SoDa

Integrated Media Technologies has selected StorageOS to support its platform for moving media and other unstructured files between storage tiers.

Integrated Media Technologies Inc., a company specializing in storage management and archiving for media companies, has selected StorageOS as the vendor for its SoDA enterprise cloud software's persistent storage layer.

SoDA, which debuted last year, is an enterprise software application that streamlines the process of transferring data to and from the public cloud with a focus on unstructured data environments, especially industries that have legacy storage mediums such as media production.

JD Trout, vice president of software solutions at IMT, said StorageOS particularly satisfied the needs of IMT's application through its use of Kubernetes containers and a favorable pricing model.

JD TroutJD Trout

"We looked at some of the open source [products]. We looked at some of the enterprise ones. StorageOS checked the boxes," Trout said. "The pricing worked with our pricing model. They have a great support team. It was easy to install and get up and running. It was very complementary to how we deploy our software, and it met our performance needs."

IMT, founded in 2007, is a technology and managed services provider based in North Hollywood, Calif. The company has 85 employees and more than 800 customers. StorageOS, founded in 2015 and headquartered in London, offers a software-defined cloud-native storage platform for running containerized production applications in the cloud, on-premises and in hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

SoDA offers users ways to manage and automate file movement in and out of the cloud with the implementation of a Kubernetes platform. It also provides feedback on operating costs of storage and cloud services and the ability to track the cost of moving data around different tiers of storage.

[StorageOS] allows us to provide customers with a cost breakdown of cloud cost by user based on who is using the application.
JD TroutVice president of software solutions, Integrated Media Technologies

Some of IMT's clients include MLB Network, the Miami Dolphins and BuzzFeed, all companies that produce media and depend on ease of access to massive video archive files, many of which are in cold storage.

Examining the cost of moving data among different tiers of storage is particularly important for clients in the media and entertainment market. SoDA allows complete control of files going into and out of cloud services such as Amazon Glacier, as well as files in on-premises storage.

"[Only StorageOS] allows us to provide customers with a cost breakdown of cloud cost by user based on who is using the application, instead of the application itself making a request to the cloud provider such as AWS, where they incur cost as a result," Trout said.

Randy Kerns, lead strategist at Evaluator Group, said StorageOS and its products make sense for clients such as IMT.

"StorageOS is trying to capture people who are building a brand-new environment," he said.

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