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Reduxio Systems adds CDM, DR upgrades to TimeOS

Reduxio rolls out its third version of TimeOS storage software, adding NoRestore copy data management and NoMigrate DR. The vendor claims to deliver zero downtime and data loss.

Reduxio Systems, the storage vendor that brought us NoDup, Tier-X and StoreSense data management, today added NoRestore copy data management and NoMigrate replication.

Reduxio added those features to its unified primary and secondary flash storage arrays. NoRestore and NoMigrate are part of Reduxio's TimeOS storage management. The enhancements focus on delivering "near-zero" recovery point objectives (RPOs) and recovery time objectives (RTOs).

Reduxio Systems has been beefing up TimeOS features to expand the use cases for its arrays to include cloud tiering and shared storage. Earlier iterations of TimeOS added NoDup global inline deduplication, Tier-X pooling of disk and flash, and StoreSense performance analytics.

Like previous rollouts, version 3 of TimeOS uses Reduxio's BackDating technology, which provides continuous data protection without the overhead of traditional snapshots.

"As a company, we have been moving toward the unification of primary and secondary storage on a single platform. With more and more companies moving to a DevOps model, the historical 24-hour RPO and RTOs no longer cut it," said Mike Grandinetti, chief marketing and corporate strategy officer at Reduxio, based in South San Francisco, Calif.

Is copy data management moving mainstream?

Reduxio's NoRestore copy data management (CDM) platform provides a thin virtualization layer that users can apply to business intelligence, development and testing or production-level virtual machines. Reduxio Systems claims it provides near-zero data loss protection and instantaneous restore on systems with 100 TB or greater.

As a company, we have been moving toward the unification of primary and secondary storage on a single platform.
Mike Grandinettichief marketing and corporate strategy officer, Reduxio Systems

Reduxio's built-in disaster recovery function, NoMigrate, writes copies to a global iSCSI or cloud target, while allowing users to simultaneously read the same data locally.

Phil Goodwin, a research director for storage systems and software at analyst firm IDC, said Reduxio Systems is on the cusp of a trend that will see more storage vendors build CDM functionality into the storage stack.

Copy data management products combat copy sprawl by cataloging and prioritizing multiple copies of data. Customers typically buy CDM as an endpoint product from a third-party vendor, such as market leader Catalogic Software. Dell EMC was the first storage vendor to integrate a branded CDM platform for its VMAX, Unity and XtremIO arrays.

"It's what we call the new race to zero RTO and zero RPO, which means no downtime and zero data loss. We're not there yet, but that's clearly where organizations are trying to drive," Goodwin said.

"Companies are requiring tighter and tighter service-level agreements for RPO and RTO, as well as for making data available for multiple applications. Reduxio is trying to provide that SLA functionality in near-real time," Goodwin added.

Reduxio: Service providers are warming up to our storage

Reduxio's flagship product is the HX550 Enterprise Flash Storage hybrid array, a dual-controller system in a 2U Seagate server chassis. Raw capacity is 38.4 TB -- 16 2 TB near-line SAS disks and eight 800 GB enterprise multi-level cell flash drives -- which translates to rated effective capacity of 150 TB, based on Reduxio's 4-1 deduplication.

Reduxio's TImeOS is block storage software bundled on industry-standard Seagate servers. TimeOS places deduplicated writes to a tier of disk, maintaining active or hot data on flash storage. BackDating provides users with a metadata representation that allows data to be recovered from any point in time.

Most of Reduxio's customers are based in the U.S., including industry clusters in local and state government, manufacturing and professional services. A development and operations center in Israel has led to several large commercial contracts with companies there, including Technion-Israel Institute of Technology and Israel Military Industries, makers of the iconic Uzi submachine gun.

Reduxio Systems also has started selling to managed service providers. Grandinetti said the near-zero data loss added in the new release "makes us far more compelling" to potential hyperscale customers.

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