CloudJumper partnerships support Windows Virtual Desktop

CloudJumper has partnered with ThinPrint, IGEL and Nvidia to support printing, cloud workspace deployment and more in Microsoft's Windows Virtual Desktop.

CloudJumper has announced a handful of new partnerships that will support different aspects of Microsoft's Windows Virtual Desktop, including remote printing, a simplified deployment of cloud workspaces on Azure and a high-throughput platform.

Remote printing

To bring remote printing to Windows Virtual Desktop, CloudJumper extended its partnership with ThinPrint. The companies have collaborated to integrate ThinPrint's cloud printing software and ezeep for Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) with CloudJumper's Cloud Workspace Management Suite. The vendors claimed, with this integration, WVD installations will have access to on-demand printing.

The companies claimed ezeep for WVD looks to enable secure, fast and simple connectivity to existing printers. ThinPrint's ezeep uses CloudJumper's Cloud Workspace Management Suite to integrate with Azure Active Directory. According to ThinPrint and CloudJumper, there is an easy-to-use web console, which enables administrators to manage the print environment without worrying about security, failover, printer drivers or print server operations.

Cloud workspace deployment

CloudJumper and IGEL have teamed up in an effort to simplify the deployment and management of cloud workspaces. This includes WVD workspaces delivered on Azure. The partnership combines CloudJumper's Cloud Workspace Management Suite with IGEL's Workspace Edition and Enterprise Management Pack software, including IGEL OS and IGEL's Universal Management Suite.

According to the companies, this integration enables enterprises to access a highly optimized cloud desktop-as-a-service platform for a variety of use cases. IGEL OS is a Linux distribution that has a minimal attack surface to protect enterprises from malware. Universal Management Suite was designed for security and ease of administration.

The combination of CloudJumper and IGEL products aims to make it easier to adopt multi-session Windows 10 desktops and applications, the companies claimed.

High-throughput platform

CloudJumper has joined forces with Nvidia to produce a high-throughput, GPU-based platform that will use NV-Series machines with WVD in Azure under the management of Cloud Workspace for Azure.

The platform is designed to help admins extend the power of virtual server or client-based applications and workloads. This provides an automated framework for WVD deployments that enables multiuser Windows 10 usage. It will also be compatible with Microsoft Store. The companies claimed WVD admins have complete control, security and auditability for compliance.

The aim of the partnership, according to CloudJumper, is to provide users with a more utility-based option that can handle more intense workloads on the cloud.

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